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Mason Update

Hi Everyone,

We had another doctor appointment at Childrens a couple weeks ago but unfortunately I am just now getting around to updating Mason's blog. We did not receive any additional news that we didn't really know already. Dr. Vernon (pediatric cardiologist) was pleased that the left pumping chamber was bigger than what they would normally see in a child with HLHS. This is good since it will make things a bit easier for the surgeons when the time comes.

Mason is due June 20th but Kelsey will most likely be induced sometime a few days before that. We have a couple more visits at Children's Hospital before the due date so there will be more updateds to come before he is born.

As for Kelsey and me we are doing great. We have more support from friends and family that we could ever ask for. We pretty much have his nursery wrapped up with just a few finishing touches to go. Kelsey has had her first of two showers and we were blessed with many gifts and words of encoura…