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Learning to love the tantrums...

The other day I was snuggling with my FIVE year old before bed time.
I must admit I love this time of day. We have slowed down and if done right my house is calm.

Mason is a snuggler so this is the only time of day where he will sit or lay with me for an extended period of time. Outside of bed time... He is go go go!

During our night time snuggles I get to rub his back, tell him stories, breath in his sweetness and tell him as many times as I want how much I love him (without him getting annoyed).

"I love you ONE THOUSAND FIFTEEN" he says to me. How can that not make a moms heart just melt.
Then there is my precious Kendall. She is 15 months old and shows so much love and affection by her snuggles and kisses. My heart is overwhelmed by both of my babies!

However my "babies" are not babies anymore.
I have a five year old who is smart as a whip, sharp as a knife who doesn't let anything get by him and a 15 month old with a will of iron, best smile and the most incr…