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Alaska: Day ONE

Well yesterday’s post was a cliff hanger. I get it. You saw pics posted on this blog coming…  Sometimes when I sit down to write I cant type fast enough and BAM… Somethings just come out! Thanks for trying to follow along! Thanks for reading. Thanks for not judging me. Thanks for all who LOVE me despite my crazy rants.
Where did I leave off? That’s right…. Tickets, Manicures and feeding His sheep. That’s a lot to chew on. So to answer the question you all walked away with… YES. I was able to get a manicure before my cruise. YES. I felt guilty doing it.
I said yesterday that I wanted to go back to come forward so that is what I plan to do. My next several posts will hopefully quickly bring you to present day…. These posts will include A LOT of photos from our trip. Seriously we have a lot of catching up to do and I have a lot of photos to share. 
This leaves me with one option. Its time to share Mason's Make - A - Wish Trip with you.
I told you about my big plans with THIS POST.Reality of my …

First we go back....

Where to begin.
Things within my life are beginning to change and the feeling of unsettlement cannot be escaped or dismissed.  The natural question you are probably asking me through your screen is “WHAT is changing”.  That’s the million dollar question. It is almost like a "shift." I can't put my finger on it. But it is changing. What am I supposed to do about this - I don't know.
Thankfully today just when I needed it I came across this scripture: Psalm 27:14 “Wait on the LORD; Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart…”
I am not sure there could be a more fitting verse for me today. Today. In this moment it brings me a feeling of peace and I remember that all within His time will His plan be revealed. My job remains. Wait on the Lord.
I know that you have all been anxiety awaiting a lot of photos from our make a wish trip and I assure you there are thousands (yes thousands) to share but with the events that have unfolded in my family I don’t find it appropriat…

Day TWO: Make A Wish

Day TWO: Make a Wish
Today is our first of three at sea days. What is a family to do?
We woke up had breakfast together and then the kids wanted nothing to do with us. They had things to do. So off Mason and Kendall went to their respective play area’s which left Greg and I on our own.
So while they were playing with Mickey and Goofy we went to the gym.  Thankfully the gym was huge with a lot of equipment because there was at least 30 people getting their workout on.  My favorite part of the gym – besides when Greg said done was the view. It was incredible. It was at the very front of the boat. Absolutely breath taking.
From there we sat outside bundled up and enjoyed our coffee and the cool air.
Around lunch time we wrangled up our kids and headed to lunch. When asked what they wanted to do after lunch they naturally yelled “POOL”.
Really? Did they not know how cold it was outside?
This is their trip so if they want to go in the pool. The pool we shall go! The kids had a blast…

Day ONE: Make a wish

Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
What a day. It started early and ended late!
Mason’s perspective when asked his favorite part of the entire day: - Seeing Nana at the train station - Riding the fast train - Meeting a new friend (Jackson from Alabama) - Getting on the BIG boat
It was a magical day to say the least but I guess I should not have thought it would have been anything else. After all we are on a Disney Cruise.
Like I mentioned earlier the day started EARLY. Mason and Kendall were up at 6am and ready to rock and roll by 6:30am. Greg did the honors of waking Mason up and when he asked “do you know what today is” Mason simply answered in his sleepy voice “wish day”. The morning after that was pretty smooth. Nana (my mom) picked us up and off to the train station we went where we were greeted by our wish grantors! Mason – brought our Make-A-Wish wish grantors some roses from our garden. Of course! He is the sweetest little boy ever!
Train arrived and off we went!
Kids enjoyed…