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Hello all,

Well, Kelsey and I had quite the day today at Children's Hospital and the University of Washington. Originally, the day was going to be jam packed with a "non-stress test" in the morning at Providence in Everett, then off to UW for a tour of the labor and delivery center as well as a visit to Dr. Holmgeren, and topping it off with an ultra-sound with our Cardiologist Dr. Vernon. Kelsey and I knew we were in for a big day...but it turned out to be much bigger than expected.

After visiting Dr. Holmgeren Kelsey had a few routine tests done, such as getting her blood pressure taken. Her blood pressure turned out to be a bit high so for cautionary reason the nurse did a test to see if Kelsey possibly had Preclampcia (not sure if that's how it's spelled). The test turned up positive which we weren't sure what the meant. According to the nurse, it was possible that Kelsey was going to be admitted and depending on the severity of the preclampcia it was …