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Time for a blog update / blog face lift! (Hope you like the new look)

I know it is time and it has been to long.... So here is our update!

Last week; we visited Children's Hospital. Just a casual visit - or as casual as it can be when just the act of walking through the doors is some what difficult and a tangible reminder of what time and emotion we have had there.

Big headline of the visit MASON IS THRIVING!

I feel so blessed to have been given this child to nurture, given the opportunity to watch him grow, learn and become a person of his own. (He has without a doubt changed me)

Each day is a day for giving thanks; I'm reminded of that constantly, even as we settle into life beyond his surgeries. I am Grateful for his life, grateful for normalcy, grateful for it all...
I've gotten to a place where I imagine "normal" parents have been all along - routine, love, kisses, discipline, more routine. The "unsettled" fear of the past few years feels, well, in the …