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Our adventure being SNOWED IN!

The snow has finally decided to show up...
Leave it to mother nature to be not to late - just fashionably late.
I might not love it however Mason thinks it is magical; he also thinks that because it is snowing the tree needs to be put back up and that Santa is coming (again)
What a funny little boy!

Since the snow has hit we have literally not been able to leave our house (safely that is). The roads that lead to civilization are literally closed due to the amount of snow turned into ice. In fact this morning as we tried to venture out I thought for sure we would end up in the ditch like almost everyone else. Luckily we didn't and we made it home!!!!
Sounds like we live in the middle of no-where which is not the case just on top of a big hill that we can not get down.

I would rather not take the snow however we have had some fun the past few days playing with our little ball of energy. Pure joy is watching him keep up with the neighborhood kids!

One excited kid..…