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Tis the SEASON!

The Christmas season this year was wonderful and full of magic!
The first magic of the season came the weekend of Thanksgiving in the form of an elf... Mason and Kendall received an early gift from Santa whom they named Charlie. Seems fitting since this was Masons name choice for his sister Kendall - So instead of naming his sister Charlie we settled with naming our elf Charlie!
What fun she had dancing around our house, creating a few messes! She TP the tree, wrote notes on the mirrors, drew on our family photos and swung from the chandlers! Oh that Charlie! The good news she did pick up after herself - that was a relief!!!!
On the morning of the 24th Charlie landed in the tree and wrote a special note to Mason and Kendall. Santa allowed for her magic to be lifted before they went to sleep so they could each give her one big hug and kiss before she left for the year... Thankfully I had my camera ready!
Mason was so excited but Kendall not so much - maybe next year :)

Goodbyes are har…