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My COLLECTION of words!

You are either a person who enjoys collecting things or you are not. When I was growing up I played with different “collections”. My earliest collection was trolls (The silly looking creatures with crazy colored hair).When I collected all I wanted or they lost there value to me I moved onto another collection… My collections ranged from beanie babies to spoons to barbies. None of these collections still intact today.
In the present I am not a collector of any one material thing. Although my husband would probably disagree and show you to my closet where he will point out my collection of shoes, handbags, belts and clothing, my response - clearly not a collection just an occupational hazard of working in retail. 
Instead of collecting material things I collect words.  This is something that has just happened. It wasn't something I sought out to collect. Besides you are probably reading this not understanding what I even mean by saying I collect words. How can you collect words?
Let me…