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Surgery Date


We got a call from the doctor yesterday telling us that Mason's information was presented to the surgeons and he is ready for the next stage of sugery. The surgery has been scheduled for January 12th, with a pre-operation consultation on January 9th. Our prayers are that the surgery will be great success and Mason will only have to be at the hospital for a week or less (the doctors say be prepared for two weeks). If you are curious as to what this surgery entails you can copy/past this link into your address bar.

Mason continues to do very well at home. He has a bit of a cough and some sniffles but we'll get that all cleared up before the surgery. We are very excited to getting this surgery over with, however we are very anxious as well.

Kelsey and I are doing well also, we have been enjoying our time with Mason as he begins to chatter, smile and laugh all the time. He has also been reaching and using his hands a lot, i…