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365 days....

I couldn’t sleep this morning.
We are currently in Hawaii vacationing and this morning I was up at 5am… With zero chance of falling back asleep.
Today is important day.
This morning a lot was on my mind. Have you ever thought back on your opinions of being a parent before you were ever actually a parent? I do this at times when I need to have a good laugh – or remind myself that I have evolved. That people evolve.
One thing (pre-kids) I was passionate about was naming my children after loved ones. I would say I had a fixed mindset with this. I didn’t think anything would change my mind. I would have kids and then they would be named after someone. End of story.
Mason came along and naturally we named him after someone – His father. Mason Gregory. Strong name for a strong boy.
There is a four year gap in between our children. Those four years changed and challenged everything.
When it was time to name our beautiful little girl we struggled.
It came so easy when we named Mason. Kendall took…


When exposed to (emotional or physical) trauma the body deploys its own defense system. From the FIRST second the brain receives the signal that a catastrophe has occurred. The blood rushes to the organ that needs help the most. Blood flows to the muscles. To the organs. To the brain. The brain then makes a decision for the rest of the body. Either face the danger or run away. It is a mechanism designed to protect the body from harm. We call it shock.

I think I am coming to the realization that I live my life in a constant state of shock. Everyday I choose to stay and face the danger.
The memories. The flash backs. The constant fear. It never goes away. I even think the older Mason gets the more terrifying losing him is. I honestly am so exhausted from the sheer thought.
I don't know how I could live in this world should one of my children leave it.

Y’all are too gracious with me. (YES I said Y'all. I am trying to keep it light. For me not you.) Your compliments about my strength a…

CHD Awareness week!

Mason - Zipper free

WHY WE LIMIT SUGAR in our kids diet....

Okay. You have probably noticed from my social media posts that we have been experiencing with sugar free recipes so I thought before I shared some of our favorite sugar free or limited sugar recipes (including the MOST amazing almost-sugar free ice-cream recipe) I would explain why since this is usually the first question anyone asks…
My Daughter Kendall has been throwing the most horrific tantrums. Not normal, out of body tantrums. They seriously make me feel like we are failing as her parents.  I know tantrums are normal in young kids but I would venture to bet Kendall’s are on the worse side of the spectrum.
Of course these tantrums don’t get blasted all over social media so when you see her in photos you see a spirited beautiful little girl which she OF COURSE IS but when she is in the middle of her tantrum there is NO reasoning with her and it is almost impossible to help her calm down.  That beautiful sweet little girl disappears and it breaks my heart.
Here she is. Throwing…