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Its been a heartbreaking and beautiful year...

It has been a great year… Thanks for being apart of it.Sound familiar?It is the newest thing that Facebook creates to showcase a few of your photos through out the year.I of course created one but once it was completed I realized that showing myself and my FB Friends a total of 12 pictures was not enough to show just how amazing, tragic, heartbreaking and beautiful 2014 was….
I think I start each New Year reading this quote by George Carlin. It is just too true and it reminds me to DO MORE and spend LESS time wasting the present on things that don't matter!

"Happy Heart Month - a full month to be mindful and raise awareness for Congenital Heart Defects.With awareness comes funding.With funding comes research.With research comes hope.With hope comes LIFE."

A couple of my favorite heart moms!
February is NOT on only Heart Month it is also the month that Mason was diagnosed with HLHS so it can become an emotional month as we look back on all he has been through.