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Valentines Day @ the Garka's

JOY Noun 1: a feeling of great pleasure or happiness that come from success, good fortune, or a sense of well-being: Gladness (Cupcake making) 2. something that gives joy

Making our Valentine's Day Decorations!

Flowers for ALL!

Our MASTER piece!
Much love to you and yours on this very special valentines day! Greg, Kelsey, Mason and Kendall!

Unfinished work...

When you lose someone you love you are left with memories and memento's.
One year ago today we lost a light in our life. My Grandmother passed away.

She was no doubt my most loyal blog reader and encouraged me to write at every opportunity.
The weekend we celebrated her life was also the weekend we celebrated the upcoming birth of my daughter.It was truly a full circle weekend.

Before my Grandmother passed away she started reflecting on her life and started writing.
I wish she would have had the opportunity to finish the story but she didn't so we are left cherishing these words from her...


"Today we went to a funeral honoring Pastor Lou Gabrielson and it occurred to me that I really needed to reflect some memories that happened to me in my lifetime. Thanks to Ester and Gary Sandberg they gifted me with a laptop computer and I have no excuse now not to get busy refl…

Like birds of a feather we flock together..

I am a HEART MOM Tough Blessed 1 in 100 Inspiring Pushed to the limit Prepared Knowledgeable Compassionate Brave Special Tired Grateful On an Amazing Journey Germaphobic Fiercely Determined Selfless Aware of what REALLY matter Amazing Hopeful Strong Beyond Measure Courageous Seeking Miracles Sleep Deprived An Ordinary Woman Caring for an EXTRAORDINARY CHILD Living for the moment Taking nothing for Granted Doing what I think is Best for MY child Loving Willing to do whats required of me a cheerleader a Warrior Worried An Example An advocate in survival mode  a student Lucky Pleading Following my Instincts Nervous Stressed STRONGER THAN I KNOW

I have spent what feels like a lifetime getting to know other heart mothers "virtually". I do not always get the opportunity to meet them face to face but when I do it feels like we have been friends forever, almost like I just saw them the previous week. 

This month I had the opportunity to enjoy the most amazing lunch with some other hear…


We make small choices and big choice everyday.
Some can be life changing others may not be... The important part is that the choice is ours, is yours, is mine!

Think about it...

I have the choice to consider it joy when I fall into trials or I can choose to allow Satan to take my joy when I fall into trials.I have the choice to seek and ask God for wisdom for the things that I am lacking or I have the choice not to and waiver in disbeliefI have the choice to persevere in testing or I can give up when things get hardChoices. Choices. Choices. The Choice is yours.  When I first came to this realization that the choice was mine, it was overwhelming...Even more overwhelming because this realization came to me during the largest trial I have ever faced.  How I handled myself, my marriage. my trial was my choiceIn my pain I found purpose, I sought God, I chose JOY.
This realization that we all have the same choices as it relates to each individual trial has changed the way I pray…

Heart SWAG!

It is no secret. I love to shop.
For valentines day or to help spread CHD awareness here are some of my favorite things I urge you to pick up!

In love with this pillow from dirtsastudio

One of a kind vintage embroidered heart diagram by refashioned

Everyone needs a heart mug breadandbadger

Any hear child should have their own heart zipup by bcchildrenswear

I wear jewerly that represents my families heart journey. It is a simple necklace. A cross with a M to remind me that by "his stripes" Mason is healed.

I found this great heart ring today made by soshe that I will soon be adding to my collection.

Every falling tear....

Could not help but to share this great video.

Matt Hammitt and his wife have been such an amazing advocate for children born with heart defects.
Please take time to watch this video and buy his AMAZING MUSIC!

A fun weekend project... NO GRATE LAUNDRY DETERGENT!

Lets face it. We are all looking for ways to save a quick dollar. 
When my family grew by one more this past year I was amazed at how many loads of laundry was needed to keep this family clothed... When I dug deeper I was even more amazed at how much doing laundry was costing us... So I went over to my trusted friend pintrest and found a few recipes on homemade laundry detergent. 

In total I have tried 5 different recipes. 
When I first starting my testing... My husband would come home excited to see me standing at the stove slaving over what he assumed to be dinner only to be disappointed to find out that I was actually making laundry soap.... OH husbands. 

Today I give you the easiest, most user friendly recipe. 
Trust me. Once you use this you wont go back to store bought...Think I am crazy than I dare you to try it!

3 Tablespoons Borax
3 Tablespoons Washing Soda
2 Tablespoons Dawn Dish soap (Choose which ever scent is most appealing to you / Use dawn because it will get out t…


With so many additional photos still to be posted.  Your support means the world to us!
Kelsey Garka



Heart Moms. 

I joined a social site for blogs... 
This site allows you to more easily follow your favorite blogs. 

The only problem is I can not find the HEART COMMUNITY on bloglovin... 
Sign up, Join me, Follow me... Lets take the blog world over :)

Let the madness begin!

February kicks off what is considered HEART AWARENESS MONTH.  This week is extra special to me and the HEARTLAND because it allows us to honor those who live with or have lost their life to a (CHD) congenital heart defect. 
Today as we kick off the week I want to give you some facts about congenital heart defects. 
What is a CHD? Congenital heart defects (CHD) are conditions that are present at birth and can affect the structure of a baby’s heart and the way it works. They can affect how blood flows through the heart and out to the rest of the body. Congenital heart defects can vary from mild (such as a small hole between the chambers of the heart) to severe (such as missing or poorly formed portions of the heart).
Mason drew the severe CHD card and is missing his entire left ventricle. The name of his CHD is Hypoplastic Left Heart. 
The signs and symptoms for a CHD depend on the type and severity. Some defects unfortuntetly have few signs or no signs, while other defects create signs in ch…

About them: M&K

With my blog re-model coming soon I have been motivated to spend sometime updating what will soon be our new tabs. You will get to see them once we go live this week!

Below is how I will introduce our amazing children in the about us section. I hope you enjoy!
Kendall Grace.
She is the fourth corner to our square. Without her we are incomplete. But the reality is Kendall has not almost died, she has no visible scars, she is healthy, pink and full of life.
As she grows there is sure to be the normal “girl” dramas but none will compare to the drama that Mason has faced in his life. All of this said that doesn’t mean that we don’t love her and it doesn’t mean that we love one child more than the other… Nothing upsets me more than this notion.
Let me fully introduce you to our little girl, Kendall Grace.

She has the opposite temperament of Mason. She is not even a year old and we can already tell she is full of life, she will challenge us, she does not sit still, she will more than likely be t…