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I am calling this post five in one since I have a few topics to discuss.
I will start backwards and work towards today. (This is going to be a long one)

For the past three years Mason has been in the birth to three therapy programs.
Every week he has seen a physical therapist to help with his fine motor skills and a speech therapist to obviously help with his speech.
Kids in this program age out when they turn three and in most cases they move onto another therapy program… Mason has done so well that he has graduated! That means no more therapy!

This is sweet mixed in with some bitter. Mason has two women in his life that he has seen consistently that will no longer be coming over to “play”. Mason will miss his time with them both!

I remember the first day I meet each of his therapists.

Hutch; his physical therapist met us about two weeks after we came home from the hospital (the first time). During the first meeting we discussed how after he turned three he …

Remember... To be thankful!

This family inspires me.

They remind me to be THANKFUL for everyday we are given, because it is a blessing not to be taken for granted.

This is an AMAZING tribute to an incredible boy!