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The day that our family became apart of the heartland is the day we entered a life full of grief.
It is the day that anxiety entered our life.
It is the day when we would no longer have a day filled without fear.

FEAR: We are a family of faith but we are still human.
We trust Jesus.We lean on Jesus.MOST importantly we believe and stand on the fact that Jesus is still in the healing business.
With all that being said just like a blink of an eye. Fear can creep in.... "What if its our son?"

This past week was National CHD Awareness Week.

What a great week. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the support through everyone WEARING RED!!!
(Pictures from Go Red for Mason coming soon)

Something else happened this past week.
Two children (that we knew) lost their battle with a CHD.
I point out that "we knew" because the unfortunate truth is there is more than likely even more children who lost their lives.

Finley lost his battle.
This hit incredibly close to home.
I know I menti…

Silent Sunday

I came across this idea awhile ago. (When I say awhile ago I mean it... the year was 2010) I have wanted to start this for some time I just haven’t I guess made time for it… Since I LOVE the idea so much I am going to start. NOW.  Better late than never!
If we are friends on Facebook or we “follow” each other on instagram you probably already know that I LOVE to capture a good photo – Whether it is my children, my view, something I like or a mess of my day. A picture can capture a thousand words. Oh wait... What does my instagram profile say?  "...a photo captures a million words so...." SO LETS TAKE SOME PHOTOS!
The objective of #silentsunday is to try to avoid using words. Words at times have the ability to clutter a photo.  Sometime there is no interruption needed. Sometimes the interrupters imagination is just better than your explanation.  Think about an art museum.  More times than not the art is just there. Allowing you to view it with no words needed. 
I write a lot. Trying to …


I am in Boston this week on business. 
Today was my first full day of meetings and as to be expected I barely have had a second to myself let alone to get onto facebook to read through the days statuses.

When I did. My heart shattered. 
Last night a fellow heart mom took her little boy to the ER. For a cough. 
Yes you read that correctly a cough. 
Things took an unexpected turn and this morning, he is gone. 
Just like that. 

The problem with CHD is it takes our children like a thief in the night. With no remorse and no going back. 

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) comes with no cure. 
THERE isn't a cure!
Surgery repairs the heart BUT the heart will never be whole. 

To quote a fellow heart mom:
"Our children fight tirelessly day and in and day out.  And when we think we have reached that point where we can take a breath, the thief comes in an robs us of the tiny people that  are our  whole world"

Finley was younger than Mason and post-Fontan.
POST-FONTAN is like the icing on th…

A note from MASON himself...

It is after all his blog!

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Did you see that game yesterday? WOW!  AMAZING!
I have to be honest. I am not the biggest football fan.  I LOVED to watch when my husband played but after that I only followed along to keep my marriage in tact J
This year there was just something about the team that was unstoppable and irresistible.  For me it all started with one of the team members kept re-appearing at a place that I hold very dear to my heart – Seattle Children's Hospital.
You may have heard of him?  Russell Wilson.
I mean how can you not LOVE him?!?!?! I became an instant fan!
Whether you are a Seahawk fan or not you have to admit he is pretty great on (and off) the field and he has beat the odds stacked against him: He stands tall at 5’11 (for fun lets compare him to Colin Kaepernick who is 6'4 / average height of a NFL quarterback 6'2)He weighs around 200lbs. Which is featherweight for the NFL.2012 he was drafted in not the 1st or 2nd round but 3rd (thanks Pete Carol for recognizing talent)After grad…


It is that time!
February 7th-14th is National CHD Awareness Week, and it kicks off with GO RED DAY- The day you deck yourself out in RED to support Mason and all of his heart friends!
Each year we ask ALL OF YOU to capture pictures of yourselves wearing red to honor Mason! This year we don't plan on breaking our tradition! Last year the response was overwhelming; This year lets break some records!!!!

Deck yourself out or add a red accessory to your outfit this FRIDAY and then send me your pictures to or you can facebook them to me!
We appreciate you all always!

Heart Hugs - KELSEY

Pardon the pause...

We interrupt "Heart Month" today and today only to cheer on our team!  #GOHAWKS


"Happy Heart Month - a full month to be mindful and raise awareness for Congenital Heart Defects. With awareness comes funding.  With funding comes research.  With research comes hope. With hope comes LIFE."

 BLESSED he works for children's! #weloveourheartsurgeon
Missing a photo of Mason's AMAZING cardiolodist Dr. Chun! Beyond blessed for these men and all who worked to save our son!!!!

Not HEART related but appropriate! #gohawks

Don't forget to wear red this month (the best day would be the 7th but anyday is A OKAY).  Send your photos to me at so I can continue to create and spread awareness. 
We appreciate you all!
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