Sunday, November 24, 2013

Without a DOUBT

Tonight we celebrated Thanksgiving with our family.
Yes a week early but when you have "many" family obligations and you work in retail it is really the only way to get quality time together.
Although this year I get THREE days off this week... Did someone forget Black Friday is 4 days away? Is this a joke? Someone pinch me, quick?!?!?!

Back to what I was saying... We ate to much, took our sugar high children home and put them to bed. Lucky for us they crashed.
Then we started our nightly routine of picking up from the days disaster... Am I the only Mom who feels like their home is a "construction zone" with messes everywhere????
Needless to say... Tonight while picking up I came across a journal I kept while Mason was in the hospital (the first time, right after he was born).

Not sure how this magically appeared but I am pretty sure Mason actually found it and started to claim it as his personal art book.

On the top of each of the pages I had written the following:

GOD loves YOU to much to leave you in a mess!
He has a plan for you the FAR exceeds anything you may recognize. 

WOW. I was almost immediately taken back.
"A MESS" was the polite way to describe where I was when I wrote in this journal. 
But what I wrote everyday was so needed!
I would have NEVER imagined where the past 5 years would have taken us but what he has shown us.. is what I had written above HIS plan is beyond what we can imagine.

For whatever reason. I felt compelled to share.

Today and EVERYDAY...
We are thankful for HIS goodness and grace!


Monday, November 11, 2013

(3) Healthy Habits for your HEART

I missed the boat. 
This post was written to be published in October (specifically around the Seattle Heart Walk)....
Oops. Welcome to my life!

It is something different from my normal post"ings" yet something I have grown more and more passionately about. 
This post is about women's heart health.
After all we first must take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. Right?
As a mother speaking I don't usually follow this rule but sitting her without giving it much thought I think DUH? The problem is our actions in one moment (repeated over and over) can = an un-happy heart. 
Lets think about this differently...
You are getting ready to take off on an airplane and even the flight attendants before you fly remind you to put your air mask on before helping your children with theirs.

Its going to be no surprise when I say to you that we try very hard to make sure that Mason and Kendall grow up eating GOOD foods. I mean its gotten to the point where Mason thinks watermelon is dessert. 
So now its time to look at what I eat. I don't eat horrible but man I would be in much better shape if I would follow the rules I lay out for my children. 
I have also seen how UGLY heart disease is and under NO circumstance do I want to face that battle. So living with a boy who has half of a heart I thought I could take a page out of his "diets" book and apply it to us women....
So together we can keep our hearts healthy and free from disease....
Learn to love fish: 
This one probably does not sound so strange. We have heard this over and over and over. Yet I find it hard to follow this rule. In our house we try to eat fish at least one time a week. How are we doing at hitting this goal? I would give us a solid D. Clearly we have some work to do. It is important. Not just for my children but for us. Eating fish just once or twice a week is enough to REAP ALL its healthy benefits. I found some great recipes... If you love to cook try them out (healthy fish recipes). 
Don't STRESS if you don't cook - order it when you go out to eat. (I know I am pretty smart) or if you are a vegetarian there is plenty of animal-free omega-3 sources out there like chia seeds, flaxseed oil, and edamame (just to name a few)
Start meditating:
HERE is one that I need to work on... I have every excuse in the book as to why I can not make the time to just sit down and meditate. Maybe I need to look up that Oprah challenge?!?!? I digress.
Meditation. If its not enough that meditation can improve your brain function and stress levels, multiple studies have shown that it can improve your heart's function! Double score! Less stress, happier hearts. 
I seriously need to make this more of a priority!

FIND AN ALTERNATIVE to diet soda: 

Sure is has ZERO calories. So it seems like a great way to have a good beverage and lose weight too, but aside from sabotaging your weight loss goals it can also put you at risk for many other health issues...
  • Studies show that drinking diet soda may increase your risk of heart attack and stroke by 44 percent. (WOW. I should be able to STOP here... If this is not good enough reason I don't know what is)
  • The artificial sweeteners, though calorie-free, make our body crave sugary calories, so drinking diet soda can actually lead to weight gain.
  • Although diet plays a major role, a diet soda habit may also be linked to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Caffeine consumption can make you jittery, worsen IBS symptoms, increase blood pressure, cause sleep issues, and lead to osteoporosis.
  • Artificial sweeteners are just that — artificial. Although the FDA deems them safe in moderate consumption, artificial sweeteners like aspartame can cause headaches and migraines.
  • Lastly diet soda offers NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE WHATSOEVER. In fact... Caffeine can lead to dehydration. HMMMM isn't the point of consuming liquid to stay hydrated? I'm confused!
It is amazing to me that even with all of the "soda warnings" women (and men) continue to regularly drink diet soda. 
THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS and I promise you will not miss it as much as you think. I have been soda free for over 4 months. I wish I could say that it has been longer but you have to start somewhere... I hope if you are reading you start here. DROP THE SODA!

There you have it. MY 2CENTS!

Friday, November 8, 2013

LIFE is not a game people...

I know this video has been around. 
But I feel moved to share it yet again!

I think we all need to take his advice what a great pep talk!

"The world needs you to stop being BORING"

"BORING IS EASY... But your gooder than that"

"If LIFE is a game aren't we all on the same team? I'M ON YOUR TEAM. Be on MY TEAM"


"WE COULD MAKE EVERYDAY better for one an other. If we are all on the same team lets start acting like it"


"Create something that will make the world AWESOME"

Thursday, November 7, 2013


GRATITUDE this month is everywhere. 

Facebook is blowing up with the THANKFUL challenge (that's what I am calling it). This is where each person every day in the month of NOVEMBER posts one thing a day that they are thankful for… My favorite is when they post their thanks with a good old FLASHBACK PHOTO. (The photos make me smile)
If we are “friends” on good ole FB it’s no secret I haven’t joined in however I love this more than I originally thought.
WHY you ask?!?!?

I love this concept because it shifts the focus off of our BUSY lives and schedules and onto people and things that we have to be THANKFUL for….
Raising kids is hard. Raising kids to be THANKFUL can be even harder. We work with M&K on manners and even work with MASON on verbalizing what he is thankful for… (We just work with KENDALL on talking and animal noises; for the moment)!

Being THANKFUL (having a sense of GRATITUDE) is IMPORTANT. It has been proven to be one of the biggest determinate of happiness! I know that as a mother of TWO AMAZING KIDS I not only want HAPPY children but I want to raise HAPPY ADULTS!

Going back to the FB challenge. As mentioned above I LOVE this idea. I think it’s wonderful but I want to challenge you to think about how you are directing your gratitude towards your children… IT CAN NOT ONLY be a post on your favorite social media site that they can not read. 
We need to model our GRATITUDE by our actions towards our children and not just words on paper (or a social media site).

Think about it….

MOST of us make an effort to be polite and to express our THANKS and GRATITUDE to our friends and even STRANGERS that we may come in contact with… OUR FAMILY, OUR LOVED ONES, OUR CHILDREN can get over looked in our “RUSH” “HUSSEL” “SCHEDULES”…

We easily pair down what we mean… “Honey, can you please (fill in the blank)…. THANK YOU” turns into “DO (XYZ – Fill in the blank).


Not so much with my children. More so with my husband (I really do appreciate you taking out the TRASH)
Sitting here. Typing this. Gives me so much objectivity looking at how sharp the latter is… Taking extra time to THANK your children (your HUSBAND) regularly and not just because it is NOVEMBER (the month of THANKSgiving) boosts their sense of self-worth.

My 2-CENTS for the day…


Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Well, we are only SIX days in so it might be a little premature to say, but November is going to be a BUSY month. That being said it will still turn out to be a FANTASTIC MONTH and possibly my favorite month of the year... I LOVE FALL, I LOVE THE COLORS and the rain doesn't start to bother me until mid-January! SO BRING ON BOOTS!!!! 

The weather so far this month.... Genuine to what the "EMERALD CITY" is famous for... RAINY with a splash of wind!
Despite the wind and rain we still make it a point to head our to enjoy the beautiful colors of FALL. After all a little rain never hurt anybody!

NOVEMBER also brings us THANKSgiving.
If you are on social media at all you more than likely have a Facebook account which means that at least one of your "friends" have been posting what they are THANKFUL for each day for the month. They are taking the THANKFUL challenge!

Me. I have not started participating. 
I am after-all 6 days late.
I have so MANY things to be thankful for I don't think the number of days in NOVEMBER will cover it. 
So instead of plastering it all over facebook. I am going to plaster it all over my blog (more to come)!

Time to rest up. I have a busy week and I need to dig deep to unleash the holiday cheer. I promised my husband I would jump in both feet first but I think you have to crawl before you can run so BABY STEPS.

PSST. I am genuinely excited for CHARLIE to return from the N. POLE! Can he come before THANKSgiving?

^^Last CHRISTMAS. Mason saying GOODBYE to CHARLIE!^^

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

While you wait....

Okay. I am the worst blogger.
I find it hard to maintain a blog, a career, multiple business, my home, my family, my marriage and my husbands career.... To name a few.

In the most recent future I have been working on a "blogging" project.
I am not ready to air it all just yet.... (I am still working on the courage to hit publish - Pray for me)!

So in the meantime while you wait here are some fun fall photos from our family adventures!

Mason has such a heart for making people happy. He makes me happy in everything he does but he is constantly wanting to write his family love notes... This has turned into such a fun pen-pal relationship with his Horsey Grandma

It is amazing to me how many women in my generation don't know how to sew, knit or make good ole canned applesauce and homemade apple pies. I am not judging I was one of these women but I don't want me kids to grow up not knowing what this heavenly treat in a mason jar tastes like. So I enlisted the help of my Grandmother (Horsey G'ma - and yes I still call her this even in my.... Well do I really need to give you my age) and we spent all day in the kitchen making apple sauce and making apple pies. It was AWESOME and MASON was in heaven!

NOT traveling as much has lead to increased time with both my children. I only hope someday they know just how much I cherish them both!!!!

10 YEARS in the making and we finally had another BURT wedding (the last was mine- no joke about how long I have been married or how long the last Burt wedding was)

I had the opportunity to write Brittany a "letter" wishing her well... but come one - I love to write so mine was more like a three page soap box.
Here is a snipet of what I wrote:

....Growing old sucks but getting old with someone you love makes it all seem just this side of all right!
Before you know it you will be 20 years down the road from now, deluding yourself into believing that you have aged nearly as well as some of the Hollywood A-listers and hopefully looking back on the happiest years of your life to date spent with your best friend!
Saying I-do is only the beginning.
 We are proud of the couple that you and TJ have become and we pray your marriage is blessed with more good times than bad.
We are honored to be apart of your lives and blessed to get to call you family!....

(Thank you in advanced because I totally stole this photo from your facebook account)

Kara and I celebrating the happy couple (a few cocktails in)

This FALL Mason learned about selfies!

Kendall fell in love with boots!

The FALL also means its time to start raising MONEY $$$$ for the American Heart Association
We kicked it off with our Annual BUNCO PARTY!!!!

THEN IT WAS TIME TO WALK! I am always so overwhelmed by the participation from the community and local companies. In total the city of Seattle raised $1.5M dollars. A.Mazing!

One of my favorite photos... MASON meeting MASON!

Isn't this the perfect photo of real life OR at least my life.
This is us... Me and my kids. Picking out our pumpkins!

TIME TO CARVE. KIDS get ready!
(Stop looking at my messy house)

Oh WAIT. I meant PARENTS, Parents get ready to carve.

While they were carving I was sewing... Working on Mason's special PJ's!


Bath & Story time. 

Our night time read... 
Also known as the bird book (Mason loves it and I highly recommend it)

With fall also comes Halloween.
Cant lie. I am not a HUGE Halloween fan. I love it for small children. Its cute!
They dress up and get candy.

Its the scary, bloody, "sexy" and crazy side that I don't get (we can save that for later)

 Mason was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and with the help of Kei he got his front shell!
(Whew that was a close call)

Kendall - When she decided to wear her costume was a lady bug. She was beyond cute.
 I cant stand it!

I also discovered the cutest clothes for Miss K!
Matilda Jane Clothing! (click to discover them  yourself)
If you want to make an order be sure to send them the best trunk keeper Sarah Willis!

LASTLY we had our GRAND OPENING for our Snohomish club & our very good friend BLITZ joined us in the celebration!

I hope that each of you has had a wonderful FALL... I still can not believe it is NOVEMBER! This year I vow to relax and ENJOY the holiday season.

Thanks for following our family!