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Wordy Wednesday or Wordless Wednesday????

The big question of the day should I be wordy or wordless on Wednesday?

If I go WORDY a post might have quotes such as:
- When you are through changing you are through
- It takes both rain and shuneshine to make a rainbow
- If a care is too small to be turned into a prayeer, it is too small to be made into a burden
- We make our plans, but the Lord determines out steps. Proverbs 16:19
- The world at its worst needs a church at its best
- The essence of generosity is self-sacrifice
- Philanthrophy, like chartity must begin at home
- A reject opportunity to give is a lost opportunity to recieve

If I go WORDLESS I could share my life through photos...

Message me, facebook me, call me, leave a comment or talk to me in person either way let me know your thoughts...


Well... I think we made one of our son's dreams come true! We spent the night outside, camping in a tent!

To make it more FUN - It rained all night! You could imagine how exciting this made our little adventure.

Nothing has given us more joy in our life than watching Mason live life fully!