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We're Home

Finally, Mason has been able to go #2 as well keep his formula down. Those were the two biggest reasons why we spent an extra day or two at the hospital. Spending seven days at the hospital recovering from this operation isn't out of the norm. In fact, that's more like the average. However, Mason would have been all set to go on Saturday if it weren't for those two issues. Anyway, not that it really matters, Kelsey and I are just happy that we have him home and he can finish recovering here.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support while we were at the hospital. We are excited to watch Mason improve each day see him overcome the obstacles thus far in his life.

God Bless,

Greg, Kelsey & Mason
Every day Mason is making great steps forward:
-His chest tubes are out
-His IV medications have all been switched to oral medications
-He has been taken off all narcotics
-His head aches and pain are controlled
-His swelling has gone done
-He is much more alert

But he is still struggling with the one thing he used to love to do before surgery... EATING!
He has not yet re-gained his appetite. He is just not interested.
This is the last hurdle we will need to overcome before going home. He needs to be able to take in food and have appropriate bowel movements. Defiantly not something I thought that he would ever struggle with.

Greg and I are both looking forward to seeing Mason smile again for the first time after surgery... We try hard every day but he is just to grumpy at the moment to think we are funny!

This is how we are spending our days counting the ounces in and the ounces out hoping that they balance and we get the okay to break out of here!!!

Thanks for all the love and su…

Making Progress

Greetings from Seattle Children's,

We are happy to inform everyone that Mason is doing very well and has been moved out of ICU and over to, "the floor." This is a good sign that he is recovering on schedule and should be just a few days away from going home. He orginally had three or four I.V.'s in and is now down to one, which included the removal of the main one in his neck. Kelsey and I were looking forward to that one being removed. He still has two drainage tubes in his chest which we would like to have had out already but the Dr.'s are being cautious because he drained a little more blood than normal his first day after surgery. The plan is to have those taken out tomorrow which will make him feel even better.

He is waking up on occasion but isn't quite up for smiling yet...understandably. Kelsey and I just want to hold him and make him feel better but unfortunately he seems to become more uncomfortable when we do, so we try not to be too selfish …

Surgery Update

Mason second surgery is over with and the doctors say it went very well. He is currently in ICU and is recovering. Our hope is that he is out of ICU tomorrow or Wednesday and moved to "the floor" to finish recovery and be discharged for home this weekend.

I know you all have been keeping Mason in your prayers and Kelsey and I are so grateful for that. Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery and healing with no set backs. We look forward to coming home this weekend and seeing all of our friends and family.

Thank you again for everything, can't wait to be home!!

Greg, Kelsey and Mason

Round 2

Well, the date is finally here and Mason is set for his second of three surgeries. Actually, we thinks he's set...the past coupld days he has spit up his formula on occasion. We're not exactly sure why, he doesn't have a fever and he seems normal otherwise. So, there is a small chance the surgery can get postponed, and in that occurence I would post that information and let you know.

However, we are moving forward as if everything is going to be on schedule and Mason will be recvering this time tomorrow. We have been told to prepare to be in the hospital for up to two weeks...although we are believing and praying for the following weekend, which would have him in the hospital just short of one week.

Thank you for all your prayers and support, I know we have said this a hundred times but this situation has been much easier to handle because of the support we get from our friends and family.

We look forward to bringing Mason home next weekend as well as seeing you all …