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Making Progress

Hi All,

I apologize for such a long delay between updates. Kelsey and I have been pretty busy with Mason, but certainly not too busy that I couldn't have had an update or two since the last one.

Mason is getting bigger and bigger by the day. It is so encouraging for us to see him gaining weight each week we go see the doctor. Often times HLHS babies have a hard time gaining weight because it is so exhausting for them to eat. That has been one area Mason hasn't had a problem with...eating. In fact, it seems like he's getting hungrier and hungrier all the time.

All in all Mason is doing very well as for Kelsey and me too. He developed a bit of an infection on his chest where he had stitches but after taking some antibiotics that has cleared up well. He is also becoming very engaging, making eye contact and trying to be very attentive when talking to him. Sometimes we get a little smile out of him but it won't be long before he is smiling all the time.

Kelsey and …