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What to do....

This Feburary will be our 6th blog anniversary. The intent in creating this blog was to inform friends and family on Mason and his progress as he fought for his life. FIVE years later and he is busy ENJOYING HIS LIFE!!!!

So things in our house have shifted. We are (as we will always be) focused on Mason and his heart health but as long as the good Lord lets us we are going to enjoy this life together as a family and rest in knowing that his life is in his hands....

This brings me to the purpose of this post. We are no longer a family ONLY focused on Mason. We are a family of four!
So over the next few months this blog will continue to evolve. At this point I am not entirely sure how, I just know that it needs to....
I cant wait to see how the Lord uses me, my family and this blog in the near future. Until then I wait!

NINE years

NINE years ago today I married my best friend.
I didnt know then what I know now.
I didnt know that marriage would be the most diffucult and the most rewarding relationship in my life, for the rest of my life and I certainly didnt expect for the "and worse" part to leak into our fairly tale but it did and we surived!

I know immensely that I fail to thank God enough for this man's presence and unconditional love in my life; but I am working on making up for lost time.