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He's 1!

What can I say other than this last year has been full of fear, joy, saddness, love, helplessness, and inspiration.

It seems so long ago that Kelsey gave birth to Mason and he underwent his first open heart surgery. It even seems like a long time since he had his 2nd one was done in January. Kelsey and I have been so blessed with the child God has given us. Every day he brings joy (and sometimes a little frustration) into our lives. It was a year ago today that Mason had his chest sewn up from his first sugery. And a year later he took his first steps!! That's right, Mason walked from me to Kelsey today, we were about five feet apart or so. Mason's therapist would rather he not walk yet because it's better for him to crawl for a good 3-4 months first, but we were still excited to see it. When you have a child with a condition like his you tend to get those thoughts in the back of your mind whether he will be able to do certain things. So when he reaches milestone…