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365 days....

I couldn’t sleep this morning.
We are currently in Hawaii vacationing and this morning I was up at 5am… With zero chance of falling back asleep.
Today is important day.
This morning a lot was on my mind. Have you ever thought back on your opinions of being a parent before you were ever actually a parent? I do this at times when I need to have a good laugh – or remind myself that I have evolved. That people evolve.
One thing (pre-kids) I was passionate about was naming my children after loved ones. I would say I had a fixed mindset with this. I didn’t think anything would change my mind. I would have kids and then they would be named after someone. End of story.
Mason came along and naturally we named him after someone – His father. Mason Gregory. Strong name for a strong boy.
There is a four year gap in between our children. Those four years changed and challenged everything.
When it was time to name our beautiful little girl we struggled.
It came so easy when we named Mason. Kendall took…