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Trying for a comeback...

This Blog; we have a love hate relationship.

Love –Because this blog is always there when I need to have my “therapy” session a.k.a. create an emotional blog post. It never lets me down and even though I see how many people visit my blog each day I feel safe, alone and protect when we are together. I feel like what I share on this site is for my eyes only – even though I know that is FAR from reality!

I feel such a sense of responsibly to create hope for families who were dealt with the same cards as us that when I can’t bring myself to share our life and my feelings I feel guilty.
This is where I am today… Feeling guilty and tongue tied… Not a day goes by that I don’t think about writing. The problem I can’t seem to find the words and I am having a hard time figuring out why… Not that figuring out the why would even help – but I tend to like to know pretty much everything J

Mason continues to thrive and people seem to think he is fixed; but he will never be fixed. He will always only hav…