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Hello all,

Well, Kelsey and I had quite the day today at Children's Hospital and the University of Washington. Originally, the day was going to be jam packed with a "non-stress test" in the morning at Providence in Everett, then off to UW for a tour of the labor and delivery center as well as a visit to Dr. Holmgeren, and topping it off with an ultra-sound with our Cardiologist Dr. Vernon. Kelsey and I knew we were in for a big day...but it turned out to be much bigger than expected.

After visiting Dr. Holmgeren Kelsey had a few routine tests done, such as getting her blood pressure taken. Her blood pressure turned out to be a bit high so for cautionary reason the nurse did a test to see if Kelsey possibly had Preclampcia (not sure if that's how it's spelled). The test turned up positive which we weren't sure what the meant. According to the nurse, it was possible that Kelsey was going to be admitted and depending on the severity of the preclampcia it was a real possibility that she would have to be induced into labor.

We had a little bit of time to grab a bite to eat before we had to see Dr. Vernon and then check into the labor and delivery center for more tests. During that time I made a few phone calls and spread the news. I also happen to get a call from our church and let them know as well. I know there was some correspondence that went on between friends and our pastors, as well as an enormous amount of prayers. It was not good that Mason may be born 4 weeks early.

We preceded to check into the labor and delivery room for some additional tests, including another Preclamcia test. Kelsey, her mother Kelly, her Step-Mother Joyce, and Myself sat in a room and watched 4 episodes of Americas Funniest Home Videos before we finally got some answers, but man were the answers awesome. Kelsey's Preclamcia test came back normal, her blood work came back normal, and her blood pressure dropped to a reasonable level. We were so thankful that God answered the prayers of all our friends and family and left more time for Mason to develop. Kelsey is now on bed rest and won't be doing much until after Mason in born. Our doctor appointments will be stepping up a notch so there will be more frequent updates to come.

Kelsey and I just want to thank you all again for you prayers, it has been incredible to see them answered first hand. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we move closer and closer to the delivery date (June 20). Chances are Mason will be born much earlier than expected.

By the way, Mason's anatomy test estimats he is already 7.6 ounces!!!

Thank you,

Greg & Kelsey


Mrs. Barci said…
What great news that Mason gets a little longer to "bake". We pray for you daily and enjoy the updates. You can always ask us for anything and you know we'll be there! We look forward to welcoming Mason when the time is right and love hearing about how God is showing you, in big and small ways, how he's right in the middle of this. We love you! Let me know if Kelsey needs company while on bedrest or if she needs any help keeping up the house or making food or anything!

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