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Making Progress

Greetings from Seattle Children's,

We are happy to inform everyone that Mason is doing very well and has been moved out of ICU and over to, "the floor." This is a good sign that he is recovering on schedule and should be just a few days away from going home. He orginally had three or four I.V.'s in and is now down to one, which included the removal of the main one in his neck. Kelsey and I were looking forward to that one being removed. He still has two drainage tubes in his chest which we would like to have had out already but the Dr.'s are being cautious because he drained a little more blood than normal his first day after surgery. The plan is to have those taken out tomorrow which will make him feel even better.

He is waking up on occasion but isn't quite up for smiling yet...understandably. Kelsey and I just want to hold him and make him feel better but unfortunately he seems to become more uncomfortable when we do, so we try not to be too selfish and just let him relax in his bed until he is feeling better.

The plan now is to have his chest tubes removed and getting him to take all his medications by mouth, as well as getting some of the swelling in his body to go down. Once all that happens and he is feeling better overall we will get to take him home.

Kelsey and I (Mason too I'm sure) are so glad his second surgery is over. We were thinking this one would be a lot harder than the first but it's actually been a bit easier. Mostly because of the incredible staff here at Children's and the confidence we have that Mason is in good hands. We are also comforted by the fact that God has been hearing all the prayers and has been answering them as he continues to make good progress and recover on schedule. I cannot emphasize enough that this journey would be near impossible without the prayers from loved ones, the support from family and friends, and a God that watches over our boy and his parents.

Thank you for keeping tabs...God bless and we'll see you all soon!!

Greg, Kelsey and Mason


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