Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordy Wednesday or Wordless Wednesday????

The big question of the day should I be wordy or wordless on Wednesday?

If I go WORDY a post might have quotes such as:
- When you are through changing you are through
- It takes both rain and shuneshine to make a rainbow
- If a care is too small to be turned into a prayeer, it is too small to be made into a burden
- We make our plans, but the Lord determines out steps. Proverbs 16:19
- The world at its worst needs a church at its best
- The essence of generosity is self-sacrifice
- Philanthrophy, like chartity must begin at home
- A reject opportunity to give is a lost opportunity to recieve

If I go WORDLESS I could share my life through photos...

Message me, facebook me, call me, leave a comment or talk to me in person either way let me know your thoughts...


Johanna Jane said...

Makes a person think.

Mr.wheat said...

just stumble across your blog and wanted to share some info about a CHD heart walk

CHD Awareness Walk
It's My Heart Greater Seattle Chapter
July 23, 2011 Begins at 10AM
Warren G. Magnuson Park
Seattle, Washington

Wyndi said...

sorry i was signed in under my husband hope you will check out the walk there will be other heart families there

Christina said...

Words or wordless...your blog always makes me cry. It also gives me much needed perspective!