Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tis the SEASON!

The Christmas season this year was wonderful and full of magic!

The first magic of the season came the weekend of Thanksgiving in the form of an elf... Mason and Kendall received an early gift from Santa whom they named Charlie. Seems fitting since this was Masons name choice for his sister Kendall - So instead of naming his sister Charlie we settled with naming our elf Charlie!

What fun she had dancing around our house, creating a few messes! She TP the tree, wrote notes on the mirrors, drew on our family photos and swung from the chandlers!
Oh that Charlie! The good news she did pick up after herself - that was a relief!!!!

On the morning of the 24th Charlie landed in the tree and wrote a special note to Mason and Kendall. Santa allowed for her magic to be lifted before they went to sleep so they could each give her one big hug and kiss before she left for the year... Thankfully I had my camera ready!

Mason was so excited but Kendall not so much - maybe next year :)

Goodbyes are hard and thankfully he made it through with minimal tears! Each day life gets easier with out Charlie. THANKFULLY we know that she will be back with all of her mischief next year!

 I had to post the above picture... It makes me laugh!

Christmas Morning... Let the magic continue!
SANTA CAME and left behind some amazing gifts!
Kendall got a few new dolls and Mason got a fire kindle (so he calls it)!
These kids are beyond blessed!

Mason gave Kendall a doll and a matching dress for her! He even wrapped it!
So sweet!


I am so grateful that we live in a country that allows us to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ!
Each year during our Christmas celebration we also take time out to do something very special... Sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESUS! I thought last year when Mason wanted to do this is was a one year thing but this year again before we served dessert he asked us to do it again... So of course we did!

The month might have gone by in a blink of an eye but we sure enjoyed all of the special moments it brought!


We got a little nervous as his first performance approached. We would ask him everyday "what songs are you singing" or "can I hear a song that you have been practicing at school". His answer was always the same "Its a secret, I cant tell you"... What did that mean, was he ready, did he remember?
The anticipation for a Mom was to much. 

The day arrived and he was ready to perform. Which is opposite of how he is normally, not usually one to "perform" but you get him on stage with his friends and it became show time with one snag... he realized mid performance that he had a hang nail that he needed to do something about!

One second while he gets his nail :)

 At the alter before the show!

 What is a performance with out an after show dinner. With his Grandma Horsey!

I cant believe my LITTLE cousin turned 21!
Another example of how fast time goes by.

Still can not believe she put these on


We went to Seattle to see the DRAGONS play!

Of course the ears have to be plugged before it even starts!

KENDALL celebrated her first Christmas!


We meet up with our "HEART" FRIENDS

AND we had to make a pit stop...
Nature calls! 

I hope that this season brought you joy, peace and rest!

Kelsey Garka

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