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Merry Christmas!!!


You have to LOVE them. 
I hope some day my kids treasure the traditions we have made for them as much as I treasure the memories of the traditions I grew up participating in!

The past few weeks have been busy. 
It stated when we hosted NINE kids at our house for a night of Christmas projects and fun!

When I was a kid each year my Grandparents would have ALL of the cousins over for a sleep over. It was always so much fun! One of the main objectives of this cousins sleep over was it allowed us the opportunity to make our parents Christmas gifts...

Now that the second generation of children are getting older (insert tear). I thought how fun for them all to get together and carry on this tradition. 
So this year we hosted the first (of many more to come) cousins "camp outs" (as Mason likes to call it)!

My only regret is that I was only able to take ONE photo!
Shame on me... but I should cut myself some slack... These kids are busy and loud. They kept us occupied. The LAST thing on my mind was taking photos!

Charlie our Elf returned. She is up to no good.
Recently we had a large wind storm and she couldn't get back to the N. Pole so she stayed back at home and didn't move. Mason was just thankful she didn't try to fly back because he was afraid she wouldn't have made it!
Greg and I are just thankful we forgot to move her the night of the wind storm.
Usually Charlie brings early gifts from the N. Pole and I will admit I was tired of her getting credit for all of the gifts so instead of these PJ's coming from the N. Pole they came from us and we reaped the benefits of all the hugs, kisses, excitement and thank you's.... 

Seriously. I can barely handle the cuteness in this photo. It is also a rare time where they are hugging without fighting... I think its a framer!

Mason and I at the the Seattle Festival of Trees. 
Mason was honored as a GUEST and got to cut the ribbon for the Teddy Bear Suite!
He also had a tree decorated in his honor and auctioned off to benefit Seattle Children's Hospital! 

Mason had his Christmas concert last week. 
He woke up and told me HOW EXCITED HE WAS TO WEAR A TIE TO HIS PROGRAM. Wait what?!?!?!?
At this point he didnt own a tie which meant I was now on a tight time frame to find not only a tie but now a WHOLE new outfit to go with said tie.
A small fortune later and he had a new outfit inclusive of a tie!

He was so excited when I picked him up from school. Every penny spent on this outfit was worth it and made it not even matter. 
He got ready at his Nana's house and she had the MOST perfect thing to complete his outfit - A tie tack from my Horsey Grandpa (his Great Grandpa) not only was it special because of who it came from but it was COOL because it was a tigers eye! 

Mason and His Nana!

One last tradition before we get into the heart of the Christmas Season...
I know our schedules around this time of year even makes my head spin!


The kids got to hang out with Santa and Mrs. Clause this past week!

 Kendall Grace getting ready to meet Santa - Who wouldn't want to wear RED lipstick!


 Mason asked for Oaloff. Kendall asked for an Elsa! 

If your kids are like mine - FROZEN is going to take the cake this holiday season!

If you are expecting a Christmas Card from my family. Don't hold your breath!
I am learning what I can and can not take on.
Sending out Christmas cards falls under CAN NOT!
I am sorry. I wish I could be as personally organized as most of you who send us yours. My organization skills are too busy being poured out at work!

This serves as our card!
Our Happy Holidays!

The Christmas season is supposed to be a time of Joy, Wonder and Celebration! There is SOOOO much too celebrate and even more people to spend time with.
There are gifts to buy, wrap and place under the tree and EVERY where you turn you hear songs like  "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"! But I can’t help think that for so many, this time of the year isn't the most wonderful. 
It can be stressful, painful, and heavy. So many expectations, so many extra things on top of all the rest. And reminders of our dear loved ones who are no longer with us.
Each year I struggle wanting to RUSH through this season and wanting for it to just be OVER!
It can become too busy, too chaotic, to0 overwhelming and with my line of work multiple this X2!
This year I want something deeper. I want to feel the healing of Christmas. True Christmas. The one where Jesus came to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release the prisoners from darkness
I'm longing to experience the joy of resting in God's love, even when my heart is full of ache.
 This is the type of Christmas I am praying each of you will have as well!

Thank you for following our lives, thank you for praying for us, thank you for following Mason on his journey with LIVING with ½ of a heart!

Praying we can all see the miracle of Christmas this year!


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