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Loaded Diaper?!?!?

Today's post title comes to you from the one and only Greg Garka... Thanks for the idea babe!

As far as Mason is concernced today was another good day for our little man!
We made our goal and got up and went on a total of three walks. The last walk of the night he spotted the “playroom” and was interested so we stopped and visited with our neighbors while he played. It was the highlight of the day.

His appetite decreased today but that is to be expected since he hadn’t yet had a bowel movement (in 6 days)– however about 60 minutes ago things changed in that department and I am happy to report his bowels are working and back in action…

During his echo he was again a crowd pleaser and was on his best behavior. The technician said that he was the best 3 year old she has done. It is so funny; he gets upset when something is about to happen and he doesn’t understand what. He tells us he is scared and then after we explain to him what they are going to do and that it won’t hurt – he is…

Day ???

Well I should first start by apologizing for not updating Mason’s site yesterday. We had a big day of visitors so we spent our time enjoying each of them.

I also want to apologize if any of the information that I am going to share with you is repetitive. My days, nights, blogs, and hours just all run together.

We lost a chest tube. Mason has gone from three chest tubes to two chest tubes. HOORAY!
This is great progress and we are excited and thrilled for all positive steps and now comes the dreaded word BUT… He has two chest tubes left that are still draining a significant amount of fluid – specifically the right. We had fair warning about how frustrating this would be and I can now say from experience each person who warned us was correct! It is frustrating knowing that outside of prayer there is nothing anyone can do to slow this down. So we wait!
Today Mason will have an echo to rule out the possibility of any blood clots and to make sure his heart looks strong. I think when the …

10 Years....