Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hi everybody,

It's been awhile since we've posted any updates or new information on Mason's website...mostly because we haven't had any doctors appointments. We continue to get words of encouragement and support from our friends and thank all of you very much for that. We have a doctors appointment this Friday, 3/28, as well as Friday, 4/11. We will have updates for you after each of these.

If you are curious as to what HLHS is and how it works, please visit the link below. It does a good job of explaining what it is, what the effects are and what Mason will have to go through once he is born. Thank you again for everything, we'll talk to you all soon!!

God Bless,

Greg & Kelsey

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Esther said...

I've not done this before, but wanted to let you know it is a comfort and helpful to be able to check on you three at any hour day or night.

Thank you.
Appreciating you.
Love, Esther