Saturday, September 17, 2011

Breaking News!

We have a lot to share as a family.

News story #1:
We have a date set for Mason's Fontan Surgery.... Tuesday, NOVEMBER 8th is the big day.
Of course this news comes with some bitter sweet feelings but we are trying to stay focused on the sweet. This is the last major chapter in this story.

We owe Mason's life to everyone at children's hospitial. Especially the Surgeons. So I thought today it would be appropriate if we finally introduced you to our hero's:

Dr. McMullan: He is the main surgeon who has completed Mason's Norwood, Glenn and will also complete his Fontan surgery.

Since the surgeries are major and complicated there is always two surgeons present in the operating room.

The second Surgeon who will be with Mason is Dr. Permut:

We would also like to introduce you to Dr. Cohen.
He is the head of Cadiac Surgery for Seattle's Hospital.

These are the men who take care of Mason in the operating room along with other doctors and nurses.
We ask that as we approach November 8th that you not only keep our family in your prayers but you also keep them and there families in your prayers.

News Story #2


Coming in March we will go from a family of three to a family of four!

Greg, Kelsey and Mason :)


shaunte said...

Omg!! Congrats yay!! Love watching you're family grow!! Xoxo shaunte

Katie said...

Congrats!!! You do have lots to look forward to! Your upcoming Fontan and predicament sounds all too familiar! We love, love, love Dr. McMullan and our experience with the Fontan was much easier than I anticipated going into it. We'll be thinking of you and keeping Mason (and you) in our prayers. Hang in there, the waiting is the toughest part. Yippee for baby #2!!!!

Johanna Jane said...

I will pray for Masons speedy recovery on his upcoming surgery. He is getting so big!! loving his big brother shirt! Congrats on the addition to your beautiful lil family! I can't wait for all the details!!