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A "full" circle weekend...

Yesterday (Saturday) we spent the day celebrating my Grandmothers life. She passed away on February 12th, 2012. Just 6 weeks before my little girls due date.

If there is one lesson I have learned from living it is that all of us are given the ability to teach and be taught. I believe this ability is one of life’s greatest blessings but it is up to each individual to use this gift how they please.

My Grandmother has been one of the greatest teachers I have had in my life. Her and my Grandfather have been consistent pillars for our family.
The lessons she / they have taught are not ones you would find in a text book or one’s that you could even learn in school. They were lessons taught about life, love and family. These lessons were not taught directly to you… They were taught through their everyday actions and behaviors and if you chose not to be a student in their classroom; you could have quite possibly missed the lesson.

The first and most important lesson is that family is important. When I was younger it was impossible for me to truly understand how important, important is… With age, getting wiser and becoming a parent myself I get it.
Yesterday I got it even more. I felt an honor and a gratitude for being a part of this amazing family.
The second lesson… Nothing beats a home cooked meal. My Grandmother loved to cook for her family and friends. You might think on the outside it was all about the delicious food but this lesson was deeper than food; it was all about spending time together and fellowship. She just used food to lure you in J and it worked.

My Grandmother was by no means a “fancy” lady but she was class all the way. She was kind, respectful, accepting and full of love.
It is evident that her wisdom, courage and love have paved the path for many generations.

Today we celebrate the upcoming arrival of our baby girl and the one thing that will be missed the most will be my Grandmothers presence.


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