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Our Day at Children's

Hello all,

Kelsey and I spent the morning at Children's Hopsital in Seattle today, what a place! They sure do a good job of trying to make the kids feel comfortable...part of me didn't even feel like I was at a hospital.

We met with a Cardiologist, Dr. Vernon, and a Paranaetologist, Dr. Holmgren (yes, Mike Holmgren's daughter). Both of them were very nice and extremely informational. Dr. Vernon did confirm that Mason has HLHS and is a candidate for the Fontan Operations, which are the three stage surgeries he will have to go through to get his heart working as normal as possible. Kelsey and I have been talking about where we would want to do the surgeries in case we weren't comfortable with Seattle Children's. We knew going in that Children's in Seattle is one of the premeir hospitals in the country, but weren't sure how they were compared to other hospital's like University of Michigan with this particular heart disease. I'm glad to say that we were very pleased with the entire staff we dealt with and also place a lot of value in the fact that they're 45 minutes down the road. I don't forsee us going elsewhere to do the operations.

We would like to thank you again for your continued prayers and support over the past week or two. It's amazing how two people's lives can be changed and turned upside down in an instant. I couldn't imagine going through this without the support surrounding Kelsey and me. From our faith, friends, family, church and doctors we have everything we need to get through this. And when Mason gets here, he'll have all the love and support he needs as well.

Thanks again for everything and please continue your prayers, they are helping so much.

God Bless,

Greg & Kelsey Garka

Comments said…
Hi you two....

We received the latest info from Kelly and just wanted you to know that you are all in our prayers and will be a part of our weekly small life group prayers as well.

We have high expectations....because through Him, ALL things are possible.

~Dale & Carol Duskin
Anonymous said…
Bj told us about your website and we just want you to know that we are praying for little Mason Gregory every day. You know that our love for the two of you runs deep. We also know that we have a great God and he will protect Mason. Love "Grandma Laurie" and "Auntie Baybuh"
BJ said…
hey garkas,

faith & i love you both so much and know that our lord and savior jesus christ will guide you through this tumultous time. through this, your faith will be increased, and god will bless you as you continue to depend on him. as you know, anything we can do to help you in know we are right there. mason will be a huge blessing to many people, and the lord's plan will be revealed in due time. stay strong together...we love you!

-b.j. & faith-

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