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Well we are less than a month away from welcoming our little girl into this world and as I transition out of working I find myself getting creative with thinking of ways I am going to now spend "all" my time, before baby and after...
I laugh at myself because when I am day dreaming about what I can do... I realize "all" my time will be given up to Greg, Mason, trying to take it easy (hopefully) and when she does arrive - her.

But a girl can still dream...

One thing that I need to make a priority is slightly changing my blog.
Mason has been the focus of our lives and this blog for the past 4 years... Although I still believe in using this site for people to visit to check on him, read about our story and see how big of a miracle he truly is, I also realize that it needs to be used to celebrate all our lives... As we transition from a family of three to a family of four the blog needs to change with us...
As a disclaimer this is a priority however being 9 months pregnant - it falls to the bottom of the list; so don't expect big changes immediately

Yes it is true, we still can not decide on what to name our baby girl - so we call her Baby G; this can stand for Baby Garka or Baby Girl - you decide which version you like.
This pregnancy has been much different than my last - it has been filled with less specialist and less attention. All positive things!
Of course we have had extra tests ran to ensure that she is heart healthy - No major problems or any problems for that matter detected. Greg and I talk about how different it will be taking home a baby that is only a few days old vs. when we took home Mason at 8 weeks old - post major open heart surgery. It will be surreal.

As of this moment Baby G is scheduled to make her appearance on March 30th.
However due to some recent complications caused by me tripping it looks like she might need to come earlier.
That "trip" I took earned me a visit to the hospital every two days to have myself and the baby monitored. I wont go into details - but here is some advice to pregnant women: If you fall call your doctor even if you don't think it is a big deal... I tripped on Sunday afternoon and had a doctors appointment scheduled for Monday at 8am thought it would be fine to just mention it at that time and save myself a call. I was wrong and my doctor was not happy. So don't make the same mistake as me - if you take a spill make a call.

Mason could not be more excited for his baby sister to make her appearance.
She is a daily topic of conversation and he likes to talk to her often. If you ask him what her name is... His response is always the same " Charlie".

Mason is doing amazing. His heart is strong and we feel so incredibly blessed with the outcome of his Fontan surgery.
Just last night as we were all three snuggled in bed (I was the weak parent who let him come in) Greg and I were talking about just how lucky we felt to have him here with us.
For as long as I live that feeling of gratitude will never leave. Mason with his strong 1/2 of a heart have given me an accidental purpose in life.

Kelsey Garka


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