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What to say, what to say....

I officially have a serious case of writers block. 
Each day on my to do list I plan on updating this blog and each day I stare aimlessly at my laptop with nothing to say... 

So instead of sharing my deep insights on my beautiful daughter or discussing how this time around it is so much different than the last I thought I would just share photos until the words come back to my brain... (which I am chalking up to sleep deprivation). 


 Mason looked so handsome.
It amazes me how fast he is growing up!

 Ry and Mason with the Easter Bunny!

 Mowing "GG's" lawn!

 Such a big helper!
Pushing his sister during the Easter Egg hunt!

 Nana, Lincoln, Ry and Mason 
Easter Brunch at the country club!

Mason's third and last hunt for the year!
He became a pro!!!

Be Blessed- 
Kelsey Garka


~Sarah said…
MORE pics of Kendall please!! :)

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