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To gain readers you must write.

I was all in to for the writing portion in fact I was super excited to start a social media movement (WOW that sounds bigger than I meant it to) titled #silentsunday.

You can read all about what I WANTED to do HERE! 

These were my ideas not His…

You are probably thinking this is the time when I start to tell you how busy we have been helping to plan the Oso Strong 5k and that has gotten in the way of writing. 
NO. Not where this is going although being apart of something like that has been one of the most amazing experiences in of my life. Don't know what the Oso Strong 5k is? You can read he article written by the  Everett Herald. Just click the blue link...

At the same time I launched #silentsunday I got another message from the Lord. The message was to be silent and more thoughtful in what I shared. 
I remember thinking… This is weird timing. Why do I have such a passion to share and now you want me to be silent?!?!?! These messages are not connecting!

Well shortly after this we found out that Mason’s photos were lifted (more than likely frois blog) and shared via social media to gain likes / shares for someone’s personal gain.

Unfortunately we see this almost every day via social media. Think about it… “give this baby 1000 likes and she will get a new heart"! NO SORRY. It doesn’t work like that and to think that my Childs picture could be used for that purpose is really unsettling and even though I have known about this since February I still get really emotional writing this.

For the past 6.5 years we (my husband and I) put ourselves completely out there. We have spoken to large groups about what happened to our son. I have helped connect numerous family with children who have HLHS, we have done TV interviews, paper interviews, Masons story was published in a health book (PRETTY AWESOME) and we have been asked the most intimate questions – and answered…

I have told MASON’S story so many times that unless I pause to think about just what he has gone through, what WE have gone through… I speak about it at times so emotionless.

I shared his story without his permission. I shared his story believing that it would help people. I shared his story without thinking about how to protect his privacy. I shared his story because I FULLY believe that when you are blessed it is your responsibility to bless others…. That can be through words, actions, money… The list goes on.

In the after math I am trying to figure out how to continue to share what I write and how I feel in a more safe and secure fashion. Mason will never be able to hide his condition. All you have to do is google his name and 100’s of his photos pop up. 
I am not sure that I want to but if I did… I can't undo that.

So if you have asked or wondered why the sudden fall off with this blog. I just gave you the answer.
I think ultimately we will continue to share his story…. It just might look different as to how.



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