Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day TWO: Make A Wish

Day TWO: Make a Wish

Today is our first of three at sea days. What is a family to do?

We woke up had breakfast together and then the kids wanted nothing to do with us. They had things to do.
So off Mason and Kendall went to their respective play area’s which left Greg and I on our own.

So while they were playing with Mickey and Goofy we went to the gym. 
Thankfully the gym was huge with a lot of equipment because there was at least 30 people getting their workout on. 
My favorite part of the gym – besides when Greg said done was the view. It was incredible. It was at the very front of the boat. Absolutely breath taking.

From there we sat outside bundled up and enjoyed our coffee and the cool air.

Around lunch time we wrangled up our kids and headed to lunch. When asked what they wanted to do after lunch they naturally yelled “POOL”.

Really? Did they not know how cold it was outside?

This is their trip so if they want to go in the pool. The pool we shall go!
The kids had a blast (the pool is more like a hot tub temperature) and Greg took one for the team and got in (sort of). You see he had on his swim shorts and a sweatshirt (yes in the pool). Me. I was bundled up pool side with a blanket.
The lifeguards looked like they were getting ready to go skiing in Stevens… Hopefully this gives you a visual to the temps we are taking about here…

Every good swimming session needs an appropriate snack afterwards so ice-cream we had!

Tonight was “formal” night. This sounded like WAY to much work so we opted to go see the movie Planes: fire and rescue and have a more casual dinner (like in our sweats).

To finish off the night we went to the show: The Mickey Awards. I wasn't sure if my kids would make it but it captivated them both. This worked perfectly. When we got back to our room they were both out within 5 minutes!

Tomorrow’s agenda is going to be another packed day.
·         - Character breakfast in the morning
·         - Tracy Arms around 12pm
·        -  Kendall's special meet and greet with the princesses.

Thanks for checking in!

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