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Alaska: Day ONE

Well yesterday’s post was a cliff hanger.
I get it. You saw pics posted on this blog coming… 
Sometimes when I sit down to write I cant type fast enough and BAM… Somethings just come out!
Thanks for trying to follow along!
Thanks for reading.
Thanks for not judging me.
Thanks for all who LOVE me despite my crazy rants.

Where did I leave off?
That’s right…. Tickets, Manicures and feeding His sheep. That’s a lot to chew on.
So to answer the question you all walked away with… YES. I was able to get a manicure before my cruise. YES. I felt guilty doing it.

I said yesterday that I wanted to go back to come forward so that is what I plan to do. My next several posts will hopefully quickly bring you to present day…. These posts will include A LOT of photos from our trip.
Seriously we have a lot of catching up to do and I have a lot of photos to share. 

This leaves me with one option. Its time to share Mason's Make - A - Wish Trip with you.

Excuse my mood – or mindset – or whatever you want to label it as but I am only good for the cliff notes which also means I wont make it through all 8 days of our trip. 
This might take one - two - three days! Be patient. I will be timely. I promise.
After I am done with my edited cliffnote version there is still hope you will hear more about this trip! It really was a trip of a lifetime and I will surely be speaking about it and writing about it for years to come!

That being said here is my abbreviated cliff note version of Mason’s Make-A-Wish: Pictures included.
Sunday, August 31,2014      
This was the day of TRAVEL.
Seriously. No joke a LONG day of travel.
Sounded easy. Head to Vancouver Canada. Board the boat. Set sail.
What we failed to understand is that in one day (literally a few hours) we would be exiting and re-entering the United States.
Getting into Canada. Easy.
Getting ready to board the board to go back to America – SUCKY!
We literally went from ONE line to the NEXT LINE to the third line only to be seated to wait to get into the last line…. SERIOUSLY.
That process in itself is painful. Now add two tired and excited children! NIGHTMARE!

 All aboard. 
NO JUDGEMENT. It was an early morning, I was on vacation and on this day I wore ZERO makeup.

 Nana helped see us off. 
Thankful she woke up extra early to escort us to the train station.
(She even got us coffee)

 Mason's Wish Grantors.... 
He even brought them flowers from our garden to say THANK YOU!!!!

My kids do not tend to like loud noises... So as the train arrived she quickly covered her ears!

 Easiest part of the day... The train ride. It was relaxing, entertaining and had excellent views!

Mason was on cloud NINE!

 Nana both Mason and Kendall cards with a nice treat!

 We finally arrived and Mason got to exit the train first!
Which also meant we were the first inline for customs

 Train ride. NICE VIEW. 
Cab Ride. Not so much!

 Waiting in one of the many lines... Seriously they felt like they went on forever!

The time then came... We get to go onto the boat!!!

It was LOVE at first sight!

Mason wanted to celebrate so we bought him a Kid "cocktail"
Moments later that full $12 drink was spilled across the deck floor. In fact I am not even sure he had one sip of that Kid cocktail?!?!?

Party on the boat!

Finally it is dinner time!
Yes. I am still wear ZERO makeup. 

Bunk beds! Mason was in heaven that he finally got bunk beds and he was able to sleep on top!
Just goes to show it sometimes really is the little things that make someones day!

There is a highlighted version of day one.
I did post more details before I ran out of internet options. You can read that HERE.

I am flying home tonight from Eugene. If I can muster up the energy I will post about day 2 tonight. If not. You will have to wait until tomorrow!

Thanks for checking in!


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