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Mason Gregory Garka UPDATE!!


It is hard to reach out to everybody and let them know that our unborn son has been diagnosed with a heart defect which is obviously putting Kelsey and me through some very hard times. I'm hoping this reaches all of you so I can keep you updated.

Our son has been diagnosed with what's called Endocardial Fibro-Elastosis, which in our language means one of the chambers in his heart isn's able to pump blood properly. Because of this Kelsey had to undergo a couple tests for abnormal chromosomes in which we get the results back on Monday. If our son has abnormal chromosomes this means the likelyhood of him surviving are very slim, whether that occrurs before or after birth we don't know. However, if they are normal his heart defect will turn into what's called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrom or HLHS. 20 years ago a child could not survive with HLHS but now there are surgeries that can be done to increase the chance of survival. After he is born he would have to go into surgury and the doctors would re-wire his heart so the right side does all the left side's work.

Anyway, all this means is that we are desperately hoping for a positive result on Monday and we believe God will answer our prayers and those who having been praying for us and provide us with such. We are deeply grateful for all your support and prayers and ask you to continue doing so if you have a normal prayer routine.

Kelsey and I will be just fine as we fight through this difficult time. Things like this would not happen if those that bare the burden could not handle it. Our marriage is strong and grows stronger though times like these. Our Father has blessed us plenty in our life and we believe there are many more blessings to come, including many blessings that come out of times like this.

I thank you again for your thoughts and prayers and will keep you posted as often as I can. Please know that this is a very difficult thing to talk about and that it may take a couple days before we are able to openly discuss it in conversation. However, feel free to comment to this bulletin or send an email if you'd like.

Thank you and God Bless.

Greg and Kelsey Garka


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