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Moving Right Along


Not a whole lot of new information to share, which is I guess an update in itself. The team of cariologists and surgeons were supposed to have a conference this morning to determine a gameplan for Mason and have a pretty solid date for surgery. The surgeons were not available to meet due to an immediate heart transplant that had to take place. Obviously this is understandable, our prayers go out to the child that needed the transplant as well as to his/her family. We also know that in order to get a heart another child had to pass away so our prayers are with that family as well.

The conference has been rescheduled for Wednesday morning, hopefully we'll get some news as to when Mason's surgery will take place. Kelsey was discharged from the hospital today and is feeling pretty good. She's obviously very sore after 72 hours of labor but is holding up well. We have been able to see Mason everyday. We usually spend a couple hours at a time staring at him, touching his legs and putting a binky in his mouth if he gets a little fussy. Kelsey did get to hold him yesterday for a short time, however because of his high oxygen levels he needs to stay under a hood to keep those down. It was breathtaking to watch my wife hold our son and whisper sweet sounds him, for those few moments all the pain and worries were gone. We are both so excited to be able to do that as much as we want in the near future.

Now that Kelsey is out of the hospital we have moved into our new home away from hom. With a special thanks to Bob and Karen Ziggler we are staying in an RV trailer right on Children's Hospital campus. It's an easy walk (ride in the wheelchair for Kelsey) to Mason's room, plus we get a little excercise.

Please pray for Mason to be strong willed and resilient. Kelsey and I know he already has these characteristics because of all the lines running in and of his body. He is not sedated or on pain medications and just sleeps in peace as if he were still in his mothers womb. We would also like to see his oxygen levels come down a bit to help him stabilize and prepare for surgery. And last but not least, please pray for my wife as she has had a lot to endure.

Thank you and we love you all!!

Greg and Kelsey


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