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Update 6/30

Hi everyone,

Well, this is it. Kelsey and I have been preparing ourselves the best we can for Mason's first surgery. He will head to the operating room tomorrow sometime around 7:00-7:30am.

Many prayers have been said over the past several months by us and by all of you. Thank you so much for the outpouring of support. Kelsey and I are confident that tomorrow will soon pass and it won't be long before we are wiping mud off his clothes, putting him in timeout, or working with him on his homework. Tomorrow is just the first step in a relatively short process compared to the rest of his life.

The blood clot in his leg did not get much better so it is something his body will have to adapt to. His body will adjust to the clot and form additional vessels for blood to flow back up to the heart (isn't God incredible?). So, if you're wondering if there is a chance the clot could break and cause issues we have been assured that that typically only occurs in adults.

As for the surgery, Kelsey and I met with Dr. McMullen today. He will be one of the doctors working on Mason. He went through the surgical process which included a lot of words that I had no idea existed, but we were able to get the jist of what he was saying. Of course, he couldn't let us go without telling us the risks. As with any surgery the risks are great, but the alternative is unacceptable. The operation should take 3-4 hours, but with prep'ing and transfering it won't be until 3:00 or 4:00pm that we get to see Mason.

Kelsey and I met another couple that has a son with the same heart defect. They are very nice people and believe in the same powerful God that we do. There little boy, Jeremiah, had surgery today and is recovering. It was very hard for them to see there little boy in such tough shape after the surgery was complete, but they seem to be a strong couple of faith that understands this is just a very tough stage of a necessary process, as do we. Please keep them in your prayers as you pray for Mason.

I will try to give another update tomorrow night, I am not quite sure how the day will go. But as soon as I am able, I will keep you all informed.

Thank you,

Greg & Kelsey


Jen said…
I wanted to let you know I am part of a Mom Community Board with women across the country. I have requested that they all pray for Mason and your family! I wish the best.
Anonymous said…
I live near Greg's mom and I just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for Mason and his medical team, you and your family. May the Lord protect Mason through his surgery today and give his doctors the vision and wisdom for a successful operation. May the Lord continually comfort you and fill you with peace and strength.


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