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Pictures and Update!!

Hi Everyone!!

I can't believe it's been over 2 months since we have updated Mason's blog. I guess things tend to get a bit busy when you have a kid.

Kelsey is back to work...(which I hate, by the way), and things are settling down nicely for us. Just in time for Mason's next surgery and things to get crazy again. Mason is weighing about 15.5lbs and is growing very healthy and strong. His oxygen levels have been staying relatively high and he shouldn't have to see the doctor for anything other than normal check ups and routine visits. Mason's cardiologist thinks his 2nd surgery will land sometime in November. We are not looking forward to it, however we are looking forward to getting it over with.

Thanks for checking in...I'll let everyone know when we hear about his next surgery or any other updates.

Greg & Kelsey


Jenny Clifton said…
Mason is so sweet! So glad things are going well. I think your family often.

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