Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I know...
We get out of the hospital and I stop writing. So I apologize - life just seems to move at a much faster rate once you step back into reality.
You have to juggle and wear many different hats once you get discharged so I prioritize  and sitting down to write hits the bottom of the list.

Mason continues to thrive. He is an amazing gift that we are given EVERYDAY and I continue feel overwhelming blessed with the outcome.
When we started down this journey almost 4 years ago I could have never imagined that things would have turned out so.... (do I dare say it) PERFECT!

Mason received a fire truck from Santa - To bad the elves let the one that doesn't work come to our house. So sadly we had to return it to the North Pole. We told Mason that Santa would surely bring him a new one... We are still patiently waiting for it to arrive (Mom and Dad can not find a fire truck anywhere. We are hoping a new shipment of trucks come in with the new year!)

Mason sitting in his "non-moving" fire truck!

Hanging out with his Horsey G'ma before the Santa run!

Grandma, Auntie, Mason and Kara - patiently waiting for the firemen and Santa to arrive while the rest of us stayed warm inside!

Daddy and Mason - The sounds of the sirens were loud so in true Mason form; he covered his ears!

 Mason and Ry opening gifts and Nana and Papa Johns

 Auntie and her favorite gift :)
 Annual cousins picture...

 I got crafty and made LAUNDRY DETERGENT!
(Yes you read that correctly)

 Mason and Papa
 The beat the Santa with a mallet :)

 One happy (and spoiled) little boy!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and News Years!!!1

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Amy Bennett said...

Love this post - and all the pics! I LOVE reading your blog because Mason reminds me SO much of Bodie - it gives me a little glimpse of Bodie in another year or so! Happy New year!