Thursday, December 1, 2011


I had no idea that getting discharged from the hospital this time would come with such emotions. I couldn’t help but cry, cry and cry some more. Of course I was happy – I felt like the weight of the world suddenly was lifted off of my shoulders and for the first time in almost four years I could breathe a little easier. We made it – we beat the odds; with a healthy thriving little warrior.

I also felt a huge sense of sorrow for all of the parents who had to take this same walk with out their child. I couldn’t imagine bearing that cross and the day of our discharge – I thought of each family I had meet whose child hadn’t made it.

Discharge day was bittersweet and filled with emotions. We are SO VERY GRATEFUL for Seattle Children’s; the surgeons, the doctors, the nurses, all of the cardiac staff…Mason is alive because of them.
When Mason was first diagnosed we knew that the outcome could have been different; we knew what we were up against but believed with the team in Seattle – Mason had a fighting chance.
We will be eternally grateful for the entire team of people who helped give us the outcome we have today… A THRIVING LITTLE BOY; and we are especially thankful for his surgeon, Dr. McMullan. We are so thankful that years ago he chose this as his specialty, that he was given this incredible talent, a steady hand and the gift to mend broken hearts. He is an outstanding person and an incredible surgeon. We thank God everyday for him.

It is crazy because as parents you think that it is your job to teach your children… and it is. But the reality is that if you let them they teach you. Through Mason we have learned real strength, pure beauty, and how to fully rely on our faith. We have learned that your life should be counted by the people whose lives you touch, not by the number of days you live.

Discharge day we closed a HUGE chapter in our story. His heart journey is not over – it will never be; he will always be a boy living with ½ of a heart; the important part – HE IS LIVING!

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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Jen, Paul and Gracie said...

Kelsey, this is beautiful. I am crying too!! So glad you are home and starting a new chapter. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You are an amazing heart mama :)