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There was a moment that stood out to me when we first found out about Mason and his heart condition. In more of a casual conversion a doctor made the comment "if he lives to see his 5th Birthday... What will his quality of life be?"

There was so much unknown at the time and I was praying to make it a day let alone five years... five years at the time might have well been an eternity away. This comment has played in my mind almost everyday since and today we have arrived.

I have literally been praying for this day for ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE DAYS days! This is our milestone and I am trying hard to let it all sink in.




Today I also cant help but to look back...Our post on Mason's "BIRTHDAY" (5 years ago):

Mason has Arrived!

Let me start out by saying that I have always had tremendous respect for my wife, but the last 72 hours has taken it to a whole new level. Kelsey has gone thru and is still going through some of the most intense pain I could ever imagine. So to all you women out there, God Bless you because the men in this world have it pretty easy when it comes to making babies.

Mason is doing great! He was born June 20th at 8:27pm, 9.45lbs and 21.5" long. God certainly answered prayers making Mason a large baby in order to cope with the surgeries ahead. Kelsey did such an incredible job trying to get Mason out, but the size of him and the position he was in was causing a great amount of pain for Kelsey to endure. She fought through it for 3.5 hours but it was obvious we were going to have to go an alternate route. We elected to have a c-section, which Kelsey handled very well. About 45 minutes later Mason was born and being stablized. I was not able to be in the room when he was born so I was extremely excited to see Kelsey when she woke up. When the doctors rolled her in she openened her eyes and asked, "how's Mason?" From day one Kelsey has been careless of all the physical pain she has gone through, the toughest pain for her has been not being able to hold her son.

So, Mason is here and is doing very well. I won't lie, it is difficult to see him on a tiny bed surrounded by a plastic box, but we both know everything he has to go through is for his own health and will allow us to enjoy the rest of our lives with him.

I did talk to the cardiologist and he said there will be a conference regarding Mason on Monday. At this conference they will discuss strategies for fixing Mason's heart and when his likely surgery date will be. Until then, Kelsey and I will enjoy each others company and hopefully spend as much time as possible by his side. Thank you for keeping in the loop, can't wait to see everyone.
God Bless

Greg and Kelsey

  Norwood Surgery 11 days old
 Almost home - for the first time
 Round Two... Glenn Surgery

Round three - The Fontan 

 Today I am overwhelmed with emotions.
  • We are grateful for all of your love, support and prayers.
  • We are thankful to have our amazing son standing with us on the other side of this journey.
  • Lastly we remember and pray for the families who lost their children to HLHS. Your children will never be forgotten and we will always remember them!
I pray for each of you who has followed us on our journey and pray that by getting to know us a little has helped each of you see and feel the love of Jesus. Without him none of this would have been possible!


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