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Trying to take my own advice...

Why is it that I am constantly comparing myself to other mothers?

Those who don’t work and even those that do (like myself).

I spend time thinking about ways to become a better version of the mom me. I pin idea’s, I read articles… After all my children deserve the VERY best. So I need to do my homework… RIGHT?

Then I had an ah ha moment… It first needs to start with me. If I don’t keep myself happy and fulfilled then I am no good to them because they don’t need my pintrest projects or educational activities… THEY NEED THEIR MOM, they need me!

I have always known and believed that I am a separate entity from my beautiful children but I struggle with the guilt of living life this way. Let me explain… There any many things outside of being a mother that define me – I am a wife, business owner, business director, furniture creator, Jesus loving homemaker and of course a MOTHER. But I am all of these things not just one and in order to be the best MOM I can be I must work to stay balanced, focused, and healthy.

OUR CHILDREN – Mine and yours – NEED US to be well.

As you have read I have made a move to a new company. I made this decision to ultimately get back some of my time. I needed more time to myself, more time with my husband, more time with my children, more time with my friends… The transition has been amazing. I am able to do the job I love and have more “time” to re-connect with the people and things I love the most in this life.

In making a large move it also inspired me to bring our home back the basics! (Pardon the reference). This has allowed me to be an even better more present MOM!!!

So here are my back to the basics home rules:

1. Start your day off right… Hello I live in Seattle, Coffee is a MUST (Starbucks preferred) but I am actually talking about good, clean food to energize your body and your soul… You pick your pleasure… Apple, Banana’s, nectarines, peaches, grapes – Seriously the list can go on. Take your vitamins (I admit – I struggle the most with this one, although I can magically remember to give my children there vitamins), drink PLENTLY OF WATER (get rid of soda – future blog post coming about that) and remember that YOU matter. When I was traveling a lot for work I struggled with getting home and then leaving to go to the gym to work out… But the truth is you want to be around for your children for a LONG time then you MUST take care of YOURSELF. I want my children to take care of themselves and they will learn how from me… I am trying to set a good example!

If you have a blender this is for you… It is our favorite breakfast smoothie…

- One Orange

- One Banana

- ½ cup pineapple

- Squeeze of agave nectar

- Slice of lime (un-peeled)

- Blend and Serve – ENJOY!


I live in a world where between my husband and I together we manage:

- 3 cell phone’s

- 3 tablet’s

- 3 kindles

- 2 laptop’s

- 1 home phone

- 1 desktop computer

Making this list overwhelms me… So needless to say there has to be a time when ALL electronics get shut down and are silenced. That time is dinner time. NO PHONE, NO iPADS, NO TV, NO LAPTOPS… Not up for debate whatsoever.

It is our time as a family to sit, talk, plan, laugh and listen to one another. This is also our time to fully connect with our children. We talk about their day, what they enjoyed the most, Mason tells stories, Kendall babbles and we enjoy one another.

3. Time; the most precious thing we have. I TRY to always stay on time. For some reason I am excellent at this when it comes to work and am still navigating this area with two children in my personal life. The reality of running late is that I become a not so nice version of myself. It stresses me out. I feel unwarranted stress and kids (my kids) feed off of the bad energy.

4. I love a clean house just as much as the next person but really – Who has time for that. Forget a career, a business, a husband, and two kids… Keeping a clean house can be a full time job and Laundry… I will spare you my thoughts on this… (Can I hire someone to do ALL of our laundry?) So I TRY and let it go… I am only one person who can only do so much so unless my husband hires my pilar back (Insert BIG HINT HERE) I am going to stop worrying about the small stuff… Yes I will be the mom with the kids with messy faces and dirt in their hair. Who cares they are happy, they will be clean. My kids love to explore and play outside. So it all boils down to this, I would rather spend my time participating in my children’s lives vs cleaning up after it. Bring on the MESS!

There you have it. My Rant for the day or week (mood depending)… LOVE IT, SHARE IT, READ IT, LEAVE IT…

Your choice.



April said…
I think you're a pretty phenomenal mom, friend, business owner, business professional...and all around superb gal. Don't worry what others think of you...the only people that matter...your kids and your husband.

Love you!!
Johanna Olsen said…
Kelsey, I agree fully! It is so funny that you are posting this. I have had the same thought train choo-choo through my brain!! I have been snuggling more. Laughing more. Taking better care of myself so I can continue taking care of my boys. You are a GREAT mother and you inspire me! Lots of love! xoxo, Jo
Kelsey Garka said…
I just saw both of your posts...
Thank you ladies!!!!
You are both great and I appreciate the kind words.


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