Monday, February 17, 2014


The day that our family became apart of the heartland is the day we entered a life full of grief.
It is the day that anxiety entered our life.
It is the day when we would no longer have a day filled without fear.

FEAR: We are a family of faith but we are still human.
We trust Jesus. We lean on Jesus. MOST importantly we believe and stand on the fact that Jesus is still in the healing business.
With all that being said just like a blink of an eye. Fear can creep in.... "What if its our son?"

This past week was National CHD Awareness Week.

What a great week. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the support through everyone WEARING RED!!!
(Pictures from Go Red for Mason coming soon)

Something else happened this past week.
Two children (that we knew) lost their battle with a CHD.
I point out that "we knew" because the unfortunate truth is there is more than likely even more children who lost their lives.

Finley lost his battle.
This hit incredibly close to home.
I know I mentioned this in my previous blog post but I still can not wrap my mind around this... Finley was post-Fontan. This family had hit the HLHS jackpot. Ideally this should mean "SMOOTH SAILING AHEAD".

It hits close to home because one minute these kids are fine, playing outside and the next they are critical and fighting for their life.
This is when I struggle. How can I not let fear creep in? "What if its our son?"

The reality of what we face is real, scary and unsettling. 
Children with HLHS under the age of 6 have a 60% survival rate
Picture your kids playing with their friends. There are 10 of them together. 
This statistic would mean four of those children will lose their life. 
THIS IS WHEN FEAR CREEPS IN "What if its our son". 

It truly is a race against modern medicine to ensure that we continue to "HAVE OPTIONS"!

If you have never attended a child's funeral consider yourself blessed. I wouldn't even know how to begin to describe the emotions. 
The only thing that actually comes to mind is John 11:35 JESUS WEPT

I can not miss the opportunity to THANK each and everyone of you for keeping Finley's Family in your thoughts and prayers. I can not even begin to imagine how to family is feeling or coping with this SIGNIFICANT loss.

His perfectly written obituary can be found by clicking here.

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