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Silent Sunday

I came across this idea awhile ago. (When I say awhile ago I mean it... the year was 2010)
I have wanted to start this for some time I just haven’t I guess made time for it…
Since I LOVE the idea so much I am going to start. NOW. 
Better late than never!

If we are friends on Facebook or we “follow” each other on instagram you probably already know that I LOVE to capture a good photo – Whether it is my children, my view, something I like or a mess of my day. A picture can capture a thousand words.
Oh wait... What does my instagram profile say? 
"...a photo captures a million words so...." SO LETS TAKE SOME PHOTOS!

The objective of #silentsunday is to try to avoid using words.
Words at times have the ability to clutter a photo. 
Sometime there is no interruption needed. Sometimes the interrupters imagination is just better than your explanation
Think about an art museum. 
More times than not the art is just there. Allowing you to view it with no words needed. 

I write a lot. Trying to be better at posting?!?!? No promises.
The purpose of my #silentsunday is to cut out the noise of words.

I choose Sunday because it is the day of rest.
My goal on this day is too simply post photos for you to enjoy (should you visit) which will tell a story of my week without words.

Want to join me?
I would LOVE THAT!

It’s human nature. We need rules right?!?!?
Maybe we just need rules to break. You decide how you want to approach this.

Regardless of your approach here are some (soft) rules:

  • Chose a photo to post. Dont get fancy. Just a photo. Try to only choose one. 
  • Okay. So I wrote this plan while I travel to Boston. I have since changed my mind (See I am already breaking these rules)
  • Choose no more than 7 PHOTOS. Why seven you ask? Well I like this number and it allows you to post a photo for each day of the week. Brilliant. I know. 
  • The photo needs to be YOURS. There will be no googling photos. You will be dis-qualified. 
  • Dis-qualified from what? NOTHING. It is just not cool. 
  • SAY CHEESE: Use a photo that you took in the week leading up to your post. 
  • Post them each Sunday. Use no words with the exception #SILENTSUNDAY

I am going to try this each week. (At least for awhile) and you dont have too. (You are welcome).
I remind you again. Its called #silentsunday. So take that literally. NO WORDS in your post, header, title except the hashtag #silentsunday. 
It will be hard (mostly for ME) but try to resist the urge to explain your photos. Let your friends, followers and readers make their own crazy assumtions on what was happening or what you were thinking when you snapped a certain photo. 
Bloggers - you can thank me later. SUNDAY BLOGGING just got a hole lot easier!!!!



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