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Did you see that game yesterday?

I have to be honest. I am not the biggest football fan. 
I LOVED to watch when my husband played but after that I only followed along to keep my marriage in tact J

This year there was just something about the team that was unstoppable and irresistible. 
For me it all started with one of the team members kept re-appearing at a place that I hold very dear to my heart – Seattle Children's Hospital.

You may have heard of him? 
Russell Wilson.

I mean how can you not LOVE him?!?!?! I became an instant fan!

Whether you are a Seahawk fan or not you have to admit he is pretty great on (and off) the field and he has beat the odds stacked against him:
  • He stands tall at 5’11 (for fun lets compare him to Colin Kaepernick who is 6'4 / average height of a NFL quarterback 6'2)
  • He weighs around 200lbs. Which is featherweight for the NFL.
  • 2012 he was drafted in not the 1st or 2nd round but 3rd (thanks Pete Carol for recognizing talent)
  • After graduating  High school he was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles to play baseball. He instead elected to attend college. (WOW I cant imagine making the decision to walk away from that to attend college). He later stated "I was leaning towards (entering the draft). but a college education is something you'll always have"

Seattle is a city known for the inches we get in RAIN and the clouds that hang over our heads… THIS WINTER it didn't matter how dark and gloomy that it was outside. The spirit of the 12th man shined BRIGHT.  You can feel the electricity everywhere you go…. 
People are friendlier getting gas, at the grocery store, and even sitting in their normal traffic commute!

Just pause and look around. 
Everywhere you look you will see a 12th man flag flying 
From SUV’s to Skyscrapers and everything in between!  

We are a city that is LOUD and proud!
Speaking of LOUD.
Remember what this year brought… 
We broke a few records which caused an earthquake reading!?!?!?

Now that the season is over and you have to wait until the draft (may 8th - 10th) until football season heats back up I think it is important to reflect on why YOU love this team so much and what they have taught you…

I will start:
Like I mentioned above I first fell (back) in love with this game and this team when Russell Wilson caught my attention by spending EVERY Tuesday at Seattle Children's Hospital

He doesn't just show up and take pictures but he spends time with these children and their families. He gets to know them. 
This brings more joy to families than I can even begin to describe in this blog post.

Know what else it does? It brings awareness to this amazing resource that sits in our backyard…
With awareness comes funding.
With funding comes research. 
With research comes hope.
With hope comes LIFE.

For this I am incredibly grateful for him.

Then there was that Duracell commercial with Derrick Coleman.
“They didn’t call my name. Told me it was over.
But I have been deaf since I was three. So I didn't listen”

WOW. Isn't that powerful.
Need a reminder.

These are the just a few reasons why I am extra proud to be apart of this city and to consider myself a 12th man!
Your reasons for loving this city, this team and these men will more than likely be different than my reasons and regardless of what they are I encourage you to think about all of the GREAT things this team did on and off the field.
Its exciting because there is a lot more to celebrate than a Superbowl win. That is just the icing on the cupcake!

Feel motivated to give back?
Donate HERE or wear RED this month to help me and my family spread awareness!!!
Don’t forget to send me photos:


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