Monday, November 3, 2014


So I was asked a question the other day that caught me off guard...
Do you celebrate Halloween?

Umm.. I have never had to answer that. 
I guess I should have saw it coming (maybe)? My kids did just start attending a Christian School that does not recognize this "holiday".

Unable to answer this question seamlessly when asked I thought I would re-address here.

Do we celebrate Halloween???

I don't celebrate evil. Or darkness. Or Witches, Ghosts and Goblins.
But I DO CELEBRATE KIDS. And Princesses. And Fairies. And Ninja's. And Doctors. And Candy. And Neighbors. And Community.

If we are the LIGHT in the world why would we hide in our homes on this "dark day"?!?! What point are we proving by doing this?
Besides what other day of the year does your entire neighborhood show up on your door???
So I say welcome them and give them the best candy!

If you don't agree with me... that is okay. We still BOTH belong to Christ!

This year on Halloween we went candy collecting and visited with some special people!!!

 This was prior to Kendall getting into her costume for the night... I think Ry nailed it when she introduced her as a "runner"!

 These faces. Pure joy. How could we not Celebrate Kids on this day... Besides if you knock on my door any other day of the year they will more than likely be dressed similar (we dress up a lot).
 Kendall DOC McStuffins at your service!

Visiting with Great Grandpa

So bummed I did not take more pictures but we also interrupted Horsey G'ma card party, Visited with Grammie and Papa (My parents), spent time with Nana (my Mom) and ended the night at Grandma and Papas (Greg parents).
Like I mentioned earlier. We CELEBRATED community. 

What a fun night. 
Lastly. As a Mom I am THANKFUL for the great pumpkin who takes (most) of their hard earned candy away and leaves a toy!
(sugar and my kids don't get along)

I leave you with this sweet picture. 
Dressed up and ready to do a little gymnastics!

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