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A valentine for my husband

First… We might be the only couple in the USA who could care less about Valentines day…
But this year. I thought I would wish you a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! (more properly)

To my husband. 
The man who lives in my house and sleeps in my bed… 
The man I don’t often get to connect with.
I love you.

I like you most days. 

The rest of the time you drive me crazy. The good news. I am in it for both types of days.

Believe it or not I do pay attention… Like when you take out the trash, I notice. Yes. I also notice when you do not. I notice when you fill up my gas tank. 
I notice. The little stuff matters. 

I notice you too.

I know you probably feel like most days I look right past you. I can easily be distracted by managing my career, businesses, kids - our ½ hearted son and our strong willed daughter, home chores, our home re-model…. I feel like the list could go on.

So this is me pausing. 
Saying a few things I should probably make the time to say more often.

THANK YOU… For loving me through these MESSY, CHAOTIC, and yet somehow rewarding years. I am glad we are in “this” ----looking around pointing at our currently messy house, sink full of dishes (waiting for you), huge pile of laundry, dirty smiling kids, and dog (that needs to pee).
I couldn’t imagine running this show without you!

I AM SORRY… (since I use those three words so often. You might want to print and frame this).
I am sorry for not always giving you as much grace as I should. YOU FRUSTRATE ME or maybe I should re-word that… I get frustrated with you. Mostly because I am exhausted, and then I don’t have the energy to correct my own feelings. EVEN when I know I am wrong.
Yes. This is me admitting that I am not always right.
I will work on being more intentional.

I LOVE YOU…. But not like when we were dating. 
Not like the girl who used to leave you hundreds of jelly belly’s in your car just to say “ hey. Thinking about you. Cant stand to be away from you during your 4 hour grocery shift”… NONE of that business.

This is me saying I honesty LOVE you…

My… Thank you for our two kids – love.

My…. You have the best way of caring for our family and being gentle with our children’s hearts – love.

My… Sorry I yelled at you last week when it wasn’t your fault – love.

My… Thanks for making my dreams come true – love.

My… You make me more courageous. Without you I could not have faced some of the challenges we have – love.

My… I realize love is a choice. Even after marriage. We pick the person we are going to love. I still pick you – love.

None of this is perfect. Not us. Not life. Not any of it. But if I still choose you and you still choose me then together we can face everything this life has to offer (including some crazy curve balls).

So I will say it again and hope by now you understand what I really mean when I say…

To my husband. The man who lives in my house and sleeps in my bed… The man I don’t often get to connect with.
I love you


Greg Garka said…
What an amazing woman I married. I love you and happy Valentine's Day to you too.
Kathy Carlin said…
Love you are both a constant source of encouragement...for my kids...for and admire your spunk...your courage...your smiles...your remodeling talent...excited I get more "runoff" when we move by our kids! Hugs.

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